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Some Sprucing Up

I've had the same kitchen curtains for at least 17 years!  I liked them and even though they were red, they didn't fade.  So why change them, right?  But when we got back from our home assignment, I decided it was time for a change.  

We had these curtains in our village house, but I had smaller kitchen windows there.  I also had the curtains attached right on the glass part of the window, but I learned from experience that the problem with that is that if I wanted to have the windows open, the curtains also had to be opened.  So at night we couldn't close the curtains.  When we moved to our current home, I remade the window curtains using a curtain I'd had at the door.  I just cut it in half and added rings to the second half and voila!  curtains!

This picture was taken in December 2001 ... so we had those curtains at least since then.

Here I am making bread in my village kitchen in 2006.

And here you can see the curtains after we moved to the Big City.

Now, here are my ne…

Missionary Friends, Moses and Martha

Moses' father had several wives and Moses grew up in a family of more siblings than he could ever get to know well.  One day his father noticed that wounds on his feet were not healing and that he was losing feeling in his extremities.  He had seen others with the same condition and feared that he had leprosy.  Even though he was Muslim, he went to the Christian leprosarium where he knew he could receive medicines and treatment.  

His treatment required that he spend an extended period of time at the leprosarium.  Every day an evangelist came into the ward and preached the gospel.  At first Moses' father didn't want to listen, but he became more and more intrigued with the stories he heard.  Before he returned to his home, he accepted Christ as his Saviour.  He returned home in better health and with the knowledge of how to care for his extremities to prevent further damage.  But he returned with more than that ... he took the good news to his family and many of them also b…

Free Advice for Adapting to Living in Another Culture

This is the time of year we spend a lot of time helping new arrivals adjust to living here.  It's a challenging time for them to move from a place where their culture is the norm, where they have deep friendships, where Mom is a phone call away, where they feel fed and involved at church, and where they feel trained and capable for their job.  They arrive here and the culture is a complete ministry as they live as a minority, they have to make all new friends, Mom is thousands of miles away (but thank God for WhatsApp!), church is in a foreign language and it's hard to get involved, and they may feel either under-utilized in their work or overwhelmed by new ways of doing things.

I was recently working through a stress management worksheet given to us by our mission and one of the questions was Living overseas, what is your approach to difficult environmental issues?  I thought I'd share my list here as free advice to all who are adjusting to living in Niger.  I hope it'…

September Reading List

Our internet has been horrible lately.  We had about 10 days where we could barely get a simple email to send.  Now since Thursday it has come back full speed.  OK, full speed might not be fast to you, but it's not bad, all things considered.

I made my way through three books last month.  One I technically finished in October, but I read most of it in September, so we're counting it as a September book.

The first book was called The Silent Order written by Melanie Dobson.  I keep saying, "No more Amish books." I mean mostly they romanticize life among the Amish and make it sound better than I'm sure it is. Yet the Amish simplicity and the life of peace they live appeals to me. So, why did I pick up yet another novel taking place in Amish country? Ha! I'm not sure. I just wanted something simple and peaceful to read, I guess! 

Well, this one was certainly different than most. It takes place in the 1930's in Cleveland, Ohio and in Amish country in central Ohio…