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On This Day, April 13

My Windows program has a photo organizer with a cool feature called "On This Day".  They make a temporary folder of all the pictures you took on that date.  I thought it would be fun to look back at pictures from 13 April.

We lived in a small town for 16 years, doing church planting.  During that time we helped get a church started in a small village about 5 km down the road.  The believers there built their own church and we helped them by transporting the bricks they made down by the river up to their building site.  We helped some financially, too, but mostly they provided all the funds and the materials.  Here are some pictures of them building the church, taken 13 April 2007.

The man in the red shirt was from another country and did not even live in this village, but he got right in there with guys from another ethnic group and worked with them.  I love how the love of Christ breaks down barriers and brings people together.  That man is now in heaven with Jesus.

Also on 13 April 2007 our kids were home from Sahel Academy for spring break.  Daniel's friend, Joe, was with us.  We went to our favorite picnic spot for a picnic.  I know, it's not a green park, but it was quiet and away from the madness our yard often was, so we loved it there.  (My dad called our house/yard Grand Central Station.)

As part of John's doctoral studies he was required to be in Oxford six weeks of the year.  I got to be with him a few weeks three different times.  The first time was 13 April 2010.

And then I was there again 13 April 2012.

Oxford is beautiful in April, wouldn't you agree?

And then back to Niger, 13 April 2013.  April is our hottest month with daily temperatures between 105 and 115.  There has been dust blowing off the desert for months (known as harmattan) and not a drop of rain since September.  We sleep under a mosquito net because we have so many mosquitoes in our apartment.  And our bed is under the ceiling fan, which seems to push any dust in the air right down onto our bed (no wonder John struggles with allergies).  I try to wash our net at least once a month, but this is how it looks after a few weeks.  Hmmm, this is the air I breathe.....

But not everything in Niger in April is dust and gunk.  When everything seems to be gasping for air or a cool breeze, the flowering bushes and trees are at their most beautiful.  This picture is from 13 April 2017.  This is a bougainvillea bush in our yard.


And there you have it.  Some photo history for 13 April.
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