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January Happenings

If you follow my blog or know us at all, you'll remember that December marked the culmination of seven years of study and hard work for John when he successfully defended his doctoral thesis in Oxford, England at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.  His degree will be awarded by Middlesex University.  That was a LONG seven years of non-stop work for John.  Even when we took vacation time, John was always reading or studying.  We had also had a very busy fall, with lots of traveling in October, November, and December.  So we decided to take January as a month off.

We had some really frigid temperatures in January, with day after day 10 degrees or less.

Since we had been gone half of December, we left our Christmas decorations up just a little longer than we normally do.

I have enjoyed having un-rushed quiet times this month.  It's been good to just take my time in my Bible reading.

We had some light snow falls and one pretty good storm.  I enjoyed going out and enjoying the freshness of the snow before anybody else walked through it.

We also had some warm days when all the snow melted and we shed some of our winter layers when we went outside.  It was even warm enough to hang clothes out on the line.

Best of all, though, John cooked for me for an entire week to thank me for all the extra work I did when he was studying.

I have been working on quilts for the twins and have one almost finished!  I'll show you more details on that later.

And that's a wrap for January.  On Friday we start a five-week trip, going as far south as Florida and as far north as Minnesota.  It's going to be challenging to pack our suitcases for two climates.
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