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October Occurrences, Part 2

This post covers the second half of October.  I think the 2nd half was not quite as crazy as the first half, but almost.

We were still in Ohio.  Suzanne had won some free swimming lessons for Tera.  This is a cool swimming school in a strip mall.  It is just for learning how to swim and, as far as I know, doesn't have hours for free swimming (by that I mean, do what ever you want in the pool, not that it doesn't cost anything).  And it is also just for children.  A parent does get in the pool with children under a certain age.  Other parents sit on the other side of the glass that surrounds the pool.  That's probably a good thing as they can't be telling their kids what to do; just let the teachers do it!

Tera's teacher had three three year olds, which is probably plenty at one time!  She was working on getting them to put their faces under water and to float on their backs.  She seemed to be doing a good job.

Nothing like the entire family showing up to watch the lessons!

We came home on Thursday, unpacked, did laundry, went grocery shopping, and got ready for our weekend meetings in Conklin, NY.  Conklin is really only an hour from here, so we drove up and back Saturday night and then up and back again Sunday morning.

The view of this dashboard is becoming pretty familiar.  We've already put 10,000 miles on the car just since the middle of July.

This is the church where John and I were married back in 1986.  The church used to be in a small white building (thus the name Little White Church), but they built a new building in the '80's sometime.  When they tore down the old sanctuary, the saved the stained glass windows and used them in the new sanctuary.

My dad's cousin and his wife came quite a distance to see us.  This had also been their home church a long time ago.

The ladies' missionary society has been so good about staying in touch with us and sending us gifts.  They are an amazing bunch!

When we got home, we went for a walk in the woods.  It was such a beautiful fall day!

Our last October meeting was at Watsontown Alliance Church.  Back in the day, before there was a John and Nancy, John taught at their Christian school.  We had a good time there and enjoyed staying with a family that we've gotten to know over the years.

And we're off to the Carolinas for two weeks starting tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll find some time during those weeks to keep up with the blog.

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