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A Fun Weekend with Family

We enjoy our kids and grandkids so much and probably the hardest part of being in Niger is being away from them.  So we are enjoying every loud, crazy, cuddly moment with them that we can get.

Last week we were in Michigan with Daniel and Kelly and their twin sons, Levi and Everett.  They are three months old and at that age where they smile with their entire body.  They are so cute and what's nicer than sweet baby cuddles?

On Thursday we walked around a park with Levi and Everett in the stroller.

This park wends its way through some of the wetlands that feed into the Huron River. 

The nature walk is quiet and peaceful (at least on a warm Thursday afternoon!).

Friday we drove back down to Ohio.  Then on Saturday Suzanne and Theo, with their three, Tera, Hezekiah, and "Heavenly" and us met Daniel and Kelly with Levi and Everett and the Columbus Zoo.  This was Tera's third birthday celebration.

We were quite the crazy crowd with six adults, five children, two strollers, and a wagon.  Thankfully we managed to keep track of everybody and everything throughout the day and didn't have any major meltdowns. 

We saw lots of animals.

Had lunch together.

We took some pictures with the grandchildren.


And saw more animals. 

After about 7000 steps, I had to sit out because of the pain I'm experiencing with the plantar fasciitis.  That's more than I could have walked a few weeks ago, so that's a good thing, but I've got a ways to go towards complete healing.  While the others went on to see more animals, I sat on a bench and people watched.


It was a great family day!

The next day, Sunday, was Hezekiah's dedication at church.


It was a nice ceremony in which Suzanne and Theo, along with the church, promised to to raise Kiah in the wisdom and admonition of the Lord.



Sunday night we went to a concert in the park.


 It was actually three churches who worked together on it.  We were so surprised to see a friend who lives in Virginia!  She and her family were in the area visiting her grandparents.

I let Tera play with my camera.  Some of the pictures turned out pretty crazy.

But she got some good ones, too.


And that pretty much sums up life with the grandkids ... crazy, but good.
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