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Top Five Favorite Pictures

It's been a long time since I've linked up with Show and Tell Tuesday.  But when I saw on Suzanne's blog that the theme for this week is your TOP FIVE FAVORITE PICTURES, I knew I had to link up.  I love pictures and I can't wait to go back and look through the other blogs that linked up, see their pictures, and hear why they chose those pictures. 

My problem is going to be to limit it to five!  But here we go.

In this picture I am helping my mom pack our belongings to head back to Nigeria.  Our loads would have been shipped on a ship while we traveled by plane.  Back then there were few household goods one could buy in Nigeria (now you wouldn't really need to take anything much), so we took it all with us.  I love this picture for the lighting, but also for the story it tells.  So much isn't said as well .... the tennis rackets waiting to be packed, knowing my mom is going to wrap that bowl in the towel, the vintage wall paper that was vintage even then reminds me of the beloved farmhouse we rented and lived in, and the fact that ladies and girls wore dresses or skirts on an every day basis.

Growing up we moved A LOT.  But I got to do all four years of high school at the same school.  It was a small Christian school, and we all had our typical high school teenage drama, but I had some great friends there, including these four:  Linda, Ann, Mert, and Marilyn.  I've kind of lost touch with Linda, but am in touch occasionally to this day with the others.  The lady in white was our class sponsor along with her husband who was our history teacher and she was my piano teacher.  I'm in touch with her, too!  Facebook is amazing for bringing old friends back together again.  This was on our senior trip to Colorado Springs.  I think we're dressed up because we had just been to church.

This one brings back so many memories!  We lived in a town in northwest Niger for 16 years.  This was probably one year after we had moved there.  This was "our" picnic spot which we dubbed Picnic Rock.  There wasn't a tree in sight, so we'd have to go late in the afternoon.  This day the kids had been playing "Indian" so they'd wrapped a piece of cloth around their heads and stuck a feather in.  Daniel is just typically dirty and I kind of have to laugh about his red socks and the way his pants got all pulled up.  And my glasses, oh my.  But I treasure this photo.

How's this for a couple shot?  Why yes, those would be giraffes standing right behind us.  The largest herd of giraffes in West Africa is found here in Niger!  It's pretty cool how you can go an hour outside of the city and just mingle in with giraffes.  No fences, no boundaries.  

This picture is just kind of a great summary of life in the village.  Life was lived surrounded by people, especially kids.  This was one Christmas Day.  We'd gone to another village, had a church service, and were waiting for the food to be served.  I'd brought along some magazines to look at, but of course, that attracted a crowd.  But I loved that life and miss it now that we live in the big city.

I could go on and on with other favorite pictures.  It's really hard to choose only five!

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