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January and February Reading Lists

I read only one book in January!  But, it was 542 pages long.  I had actually started it back in September, but when we traveled to the US in October, there was no way I was adding the weight of that book to my measly luggage weight allowance!  So I left it here and returned to it in December.  I also mentioned that I was sick with the flu in January/February.  The first three or four days, I was so sick I didn't even read.  But then the next two weeks I had no energy, but wanted to do something other than sleep, so that enabled me to do quite a bit of reading in February, finishing off six books.

I usually keep my books on the nightstand by my bed because I ALWAYS read before going to sleep.  In fact, I can't get to sleep unless I've read something.  But I've discovered that if I leave at least one of the books I'm reading (I usually have at least two going at a time) out in the living room, then I'll pick it up more when I'm waiting for something else to h…

Practice Hospitality

My mother-in-law, Jean, is an amazing person with many gifts.  One of the first things I noticed about her when I was but a young bride, was her gift of hospitality.  It was nothing for her to invite a large group of people over, make each one feel welcome, cook a big meal,and seemingly do it without stressing herself out.  I don't know if hospitality just came naturally to her or if she learned it.  In this picture you can see Jean throwing a party for a class she taught in Nigeria.  

I believe that for me it has been a learned skill.  My parents were hospitable and it wasn't unusual for us to have guests over (though usually not as many at a time as my mother-in-law would do!).  But when I started living on my own, I had to learn hospitality.  The first time I invited somebody over for a meal, the lid got stuck on the pot of vegetables, I put too much salt or soda or something in the muffins, and I forgot to serve milk and sugar with the hot drinks.  I've gotten much bett…

ABCs of Travel

If you wondered if I'd dropped off the face of the earth, yes, I did sort of.  I caught a respiratory flu and that laid me flat.  I was in bed with fever for a week.  I was so sick I didn't even read a book or watch a video the first three days.  For me to lie in bed and never pick up a book is unheard of.  After the fever went it took me another week to regain my strength.  I went to the office a couple of hours the second half of that second week, but I really felt like something the cat had drug in.  Thankfully I'm back in the land of the living and feeling much better.

I thought I'd copy a blog post idea from Suzanne such traveling is such a normal part of my life.  Feel free to copy the idea!

A: Age you went on your first international trip: Well, I was born in Nigeria and my first trip to the United States was when I was maybe 18 months old?  I really don't remember the trip, but I knew we flew in a plane.  That was probably the first time my parents had crosse…