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New Adventures in Travel

Usually when we travel we have the sorts of adventures that you'd really rather not have ... like sitting IN the airplane first at the gate and then on the runway for SIX hours and the flight itself was seven hours, so 13 hours in one plane (I know, I know, my Aussie friends do that all the time).  Or having your luggage not show up and when it does the camera that you had bought for your daughter's birthday had been stolen out of it.  

But this time we had two kind of fun things happen that we'd never had before.

When we fly out of JFK in New York, our final stop is usually Connecticut.  From Hartford we can catch "the Connecticut limo" service.  

We always joke because it's never been a limo.  Once it was a small bus and the other times it was a van.  So when we were standing outside the station in Hartford, there was a limo parked down the line-up.  I jokingly said to John, "Look!  There's our limo!"  and he said, "Yeah, right."  Neither of us in a million years really thought it was there for us.  After a few minutes the driver got up and came up to us and asked if we were going to JFK.  Sure enough, the limo was for us!  There was only one other passenger, so it felt like our own private limo.  It was pretty fun, but I think if you packed an entire party of over five people in there it would feel pretty crowded.  This picture of John is blurry, but it's my proof that we did ride in a limo. 


That was a first for both of us.

The other new adventure for us was flying in an Airbus-380.  That's the huge double-decker airplane produced by Airbus.  We were in Row 47 which was almost the back of the plane (I think there were 52 or 53 rows).  There were three seats - aisle- four seats - aisle - three seats.  We have no idea what the upstairs looked like!  There were also first class seats down stairs, but I think most first class and business class were upstairs. 

In New York, waiting to board

This was the quietest plane we've ever been on.  The engine noise was greatly reduced compared to other planes and it seemed like even the noise other passengers made was less (maybe partly because they didn't need to talk so loud to be heard!).  The ride was incredibly smooth.  We did feel the turbulence, I think because we were in the back, but we were basically unaware when the plane even started to move down the runway.  The landing wasn't the smoothest, though! There was a video camera mounted on the tail of the plane and you could watch the take-off and landing on the screen which was pretty cool.  As we were landing we could see on the screen that he was banking the plane, but you couldn't even feel that.  Our seats were right in the middle of the middle section which I didn't like ... but I don't like that on any flight.  My favorite is to have a window. And we were thankful for what we got because at first it looked like we wouldn't even be able to sit together.

After landing in Paris.  We took off in the dark and landed just at dawn.

And that is the end of our vacation.  I will probably do a little resume of the month of November, but tomorrow it's back to work.  We'll be struggling with jet lag this week, so please pray for us to get back in the schedule quickly!  

Somebody was happy to have us home.