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Suzanne, at The Glorious Mundane, inspired me to join in on the #write31days theme. (Make sure you don't miss following Suzanne's blog this month!  I'm excited about her chosen theme on Foster Care.) For the entire month of October, on each day, you write on the same theme.  My blogging has really been lagging lately.  I've been really tired and then the internet hasn't been working great and those two things have meant that I haven't been doing much blogging.  So this will hopefully help me get my blogging rear in gear.

The theme I've chosen for the month is Cooking Ex-Nihilo.  Cooking here in Niger is challenging.  Almost everything has to be cooked from scratch, which means we often have to make something to make something else.  For example, the recipe calls for "1 can of mushroom soup".  Well, friends, I have to make the mushroom soup first.  John often says I can create a meal ex-nihilo.  Ex-nihilo simply means "out of nothing".

Most of all, I hope that this series will be helpful to new missionaries who are learning to cook ex-nihilo.  Secondly, I hope it will be helpful to others who just need to cut back on spending and live more simply.  And thirdly, I find food photography challenging, so I'm hoping to practice and improve my skills during this month.

Honestly, I will not even be in Niger for half the month, but I still have some things planned for the days I'm gone.  And since Suzanne will be having a baby, I'll be doing a lot of the cooking while I'm there.  

I've noticed in a lot of the #Write31Days blogs that the authors (Suzanne included!) already have their titles for the entire month listed.  Well, no, I'm not that organized, especially since I don't even know what we're going to eat tomorrow!

Come join me in my kitchen for a month of cooking ex-nihilo.

Oct 1:  Introduction
1.  Breakfast for Supper
2.  Sunday Dinner
3.  Meat and Potato Pie
4.  Hamburgers and Macaroni and Cheese
5.  Bean Soup
6.  Eating Out
7.  Tacos and Tortillas
8.  Baking Day
9.  Eating Internationally
10.  Hospitality
11.  Stir-fried Cabbage
12.  Spanish Noodle Skillet
13.  Oven Fried Chicken

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