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International Food

Even though it's Monday, this is Sunday's post.  I never had time on Sunday to do any posting.  But it's still Sunday somewhere ... California, maybe.

We go to an international church.  In fact the name, translated in English, is "International Evangelical Church".  I think the pastor said we have 24 nationalities.  Yesterday in the service when new people stood up to introduce themselves, I remember hearing Chad, Cameroun, and Cote d'Ivoire.

Yesterday at church the ladies did an international food day. 

 You had to pay for your food as it was a fund-raiser.  It was a bit confusing how to pay (at least for us low-context people!), but we finally figured out that you could pay a small amount and get a cup of porridge, you could pay more and get meal that didn't have meat in it, you could pay another price and get a meal with some meat in it, or you could pay even more and get a meal that was mostly meat.  

The meal I got was from Cameroun and was very yummy!  It was a piece of boiled yam with a thick sauce made from some kind of bitter leaves with pieces of meat.  There was something else in it that I couldn't identify and a bit of peppery seasoning.  I was very pleased with my choice.

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