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Breakfast for Supper

When I was a kid we sometimes had breakfast for supper.  Usually we had pancakes, sausage, and eggs.  When I lived with my great Aunt Jeanette and her brother, my great Uncle Clyde, we had pancakes every Friday night.  It was never my favorite supper, though I loved it when served for breakfast.  So when we got married, I've assumed for 30 years that John doesn't like breakfast for supper since he is a hearty eater and wants a REAL meal in the evening.  I found out tonight I was wrong.

We have been having an orientation group meeting weekly where we share a meal and then discuss an orientation topic.  We've discovered it works well to have a potluck based on a theme, so this week's theme was "Breakfast for Supper."  

I made Ungspannkaka, or Swedish Pancake.  

This is super easy, is absolutely delicious, and has been a family favorite since John and I got married.  Our home church is a Covenant church, but it was originally the Swedish Covenant Church.  Most of the members who have been there for a very long time have names that end in "son".  So, I guess it's no surprise that one of the recipes from the church cookbook from a few (ok, more than just a few!) years back included this Swedish pancake.

Here is the recipe, which I doubled tonight.  I baked it in a cake pan, but normally I bake it in my iron skillet.  We served it tonight with butter and powdered sugar, but you can also serve it with syrup or a fruit topping.

Others tonight brought banana bread, muffins, French toast, pancakes, quiche, scrambled eggs, pigs-in-a-blanket, sausage, and fruit salad.  

While John and I were eating, he leaned over to me and said, "I think this is the best theme for these potlucks that we've had."  Well, what do you know?!  I guess we'll be having breakfast for supper again!

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