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You Know It's Hot Season When....

You know it's hot season when...

1. Every day for three months the high temperature is between 100 and 112. People will often say it's hotter than that, but their thermometer is in the sun or on a wall that holds heat.  But ... that's 110 IN THE SHADE ... so if you're spending time in the sun, it really is hotter than that!  To make matters worse, the low temperature is around 90, so you never do cool off.  (This is an interesting website and quite accurate.  I clicked on several that were so inaccurate!  Also, for daily Niamey weather, this is a good place to check temps.)

Taken in the village where we used to live, a few years back

2. The number one greeting is, "How's the heat?" or "How's the sun?"  Everybody is hot and everybody commiserates together.

3.  You have power cuts lasting from a few minutes to 13 hours, almost every day.  And when it's 95 in your house and the power cuts off and you no longer have a fan to move the air, life gets miserable fast.  (Thankfully our office building has a generator or we'd have gotten nothing done the past two weeks!)

4.  When the power cuts off, you hear the sound of generators roaring to life in the neighborhood around you.  And you pull out your hand-held or battery-run fan and wonder if you should get a generator.  (Thankfully we haven't really needed one yet, but our little O2 Cool fans have been great.)

5.  Two minutes after getting out of the shower you are as sweaty as when you got in the shower.

6.  And speaking of the shower, the water is not cool AT ALL!

7.  Everything you touch feels hot.

8.  You have very little energy and you need to allow yourself to do less.

9.  You invent excuses to drive to places where you would normally just walk.  And then you drive slowly to enjoy the air conditioning blowing on your face.

10.  The swimming pool is your favorite place to be. And it feels like a bathtub.  Oh, and don't try walking around on the pavement in your bare feet!

11.  Your office air conditioner is set on 79 degrees and everybody coming in remarks on how cool it is.  Anything less than that, though, would be too big of a shock to your body coming in from outdoors!

12.  Going to church requires bringing along a hand-held fan, a bottle of ice-cold water, and a handkerchief to wipe your fevered brow.

13.  You are extremely thankful for air conditioning in the bedroom that allows you to get a good night's sleep!  And you try not to mention it too often because a lot of your friends aren't so fortunate and you know they aren't sleeping well.

14. You are constantly amazed that there are trees and flowers that produce fruit or bloom at this time of year.  (And it's a bummer that I don't like mangoes because 'tis the season!)

15.  You think of every excuse possible to not have to cook.  Using the oven is definitely out.  A mango smoothie would be good ... oh yeah, I don't like mangoes!