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Updating the Guest Bath on a Budget

When we moved from the village to the big city, we moved from one bathroom to two.  I don't think we'd even had a curtain at the bathroom window in the village because it had shutters on it.  The shower curtain we had there went into the master bathroom here.  During our time in the US from 2009-11, I got a new shower curtain and towels for that bathroom.

Bathroom before
When we moved in here we needed something for the 2nd bathroom, but we didn't have a lot of money to spend or time to interior design anything for that bathroom.  We ended up using the curtains that had been in the kids' room, bought a new shower curtain, and called it done.  Our towels were mostly ones we'd received as wedding gifts and were in a rainbow of pastel colors:  pink, blue, green, and some "white".  

The bathroom was functional and I didn't hate it, but it's been exactly the same for the past eight years, so I decided it was time for a change.  I bought a new shower curtain (which turns out to be super long for some reason!), cloth to make curtains, a new floor mat, and a hand towel to lay on top of the towel cabinet.


I asked the painter to paint the cabinet from a grungy white to black and he charged me nothing just because he's a nice guy and I send lots of business his way.  

Then I asked somebody who knows somebody to have all of my bathroom towels, hand towels, and washcloths dyed black.  

I paid somebody to make the curtains because my machine isn't really working and she added a lining to the back of the curtains since that window gets the afternoon sun.

Everything cost approximately $64.00.  That's more than I thought I'd spent, but I'm so pleased with it, I think it was worth it.  And I know if I'd replaced all those towels, it would have cost a lot more!  Also, if I could have made the curtains myself and dyed the towels myself, it would have cost about $33.00 less than it did.

I'm really loving the aqua and black combination!