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Five Minute Friday: Miss


Yes, I realize it's well past Friday.  But we had a 13 hour power cut on Friday, so that's my excuse. :)

Every Friday Heading Home hosts Five Minute Friday where you write for five minutes only.  The word this Friday was "miss".

She was young when she first felt God’s call on her life.  She didn’t know what it would mean, what it would cost.  But she knew she didn’t want to miss what God had for her. 

She soon grew up, went to college, got a job, became a missionary, and headed to Africa.  She was still young, ready for adventure and independence, and had no idea how much she would miss her family.  Life was good as a missionary and she loved what she did, teaching children at a boarding school. 

Then “Mr. Right” came along, they married, had children and continued in ministry together.  Life was complete.  It certainly wasn’t easy.  In fact, sometimes it was downright hard and she began to realize how much she missed her mom and dad not being nearby for advice.   She saw how much her kids were missing out to not have their grandparents nearby.

But she seldom missed her home country or the treats one could get there.  She didn’t miss not having a big salary.  She didn’t miss not having a big house.  She didn’t miss not having a high-powered job.

But, the older she got, the more she missed her family.  She missed her kids when they were at boarding school, even though she got to see them often.  She missed them even more when they went off to university and the nest was empty.  She rejoiced when they both married, but then she found how she missed them now as friends, not just as her children.  

And when the grandbabies started to come, then she realized what it really meant to miss someone….to miss all of their firsts, their growing up, their changing. How somebody could so fiercely miss somebody they hardly know was something she wondered often. It was then she realized how very much her parents had missed not being present as grandparents.

No, she has no regrets.  She wouldn’t change or trade her life.  But that doesn’t lessen the fact that she does miss her family…parents, children, grandchildren, siblings, and all the in-laws.


Shauna Wallace said…
What a beautiful reflection on what it means to love and miss out on some of the sweetest things in life, while not regretting a life lived fully in God's will. My heart hurts for all that was missed, but rejoices that you have no regrets. Because of what I missed out on growing up far from family, one of the deepest longings of my heart is that my children and grandchildren stay close. But if the Lord's will takes them further than is possible to live daily life together, I will trust Him and cherish whatever time we do have together. Thank you for writing for #fmfriday! Shauna Wallace
Janel Andrews said…
visiting from FMF over at Kate's
I spent a summer serving in France 13 years ago. I loved it, but missed my family here in Canada deeply. I grew up in Alaska as an MK and my parents serve as sending missionaries as well here in the home office. Its difficult to go from being overseas to being stateside isn't it. Family is one of the deepest connections I've been blessed to have, but it is difficult when you find yourself separated from them by life's moves and experiences. I am thankful that you are able to have this time with them, and the moments you've had throughout their life. I pray that you will be blessed as you serve where you are now and have the ability to be perhaps closer to family than you were before, at least in proximity. Did your children go to a different boarding school than you taught at?
thank you for sharing this reflection.
Janel (