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Five Minute Friday: Unite

uniteThe idea behind Five Minute Friday is simple.  A word is given at the Heading Home blog and you have five minutes to write on that word.  This week's word is "unite".  Why don't you join in.  You can go to the link above to link in.
I love the way my friends here in Niger unite together.  So much is done in groups and being alone is not a concept that is understood.  While John is gone, I am asked all the time if I am lonely.  Being an introvert, and seeing how I'm at the office all day, and because I live on a compound with neighbors, yes, I miss John greatly, but no, honestly, I'm not lonely.  But the majority of Nigerien women would never stay alone in a house.  If a woman doesn't have children, she will usually have a sister or a niece come to live with her to keep her company and to help her with household chores.

Our church uniform a few years back.
Celebrations are opportunities that are seized for showing unity.  At a wedding everybody will buy the same cloth and make outfits that match together.  They call it a "uniform" and I am guessing that the root word for unity and uniform are the same.  Women at a church will often get the same cloth and wear the same outfit to church.  Christmas is another time when people will agree to wear the same cloth to show that they are united together.

Wearing our uniform to the office Christmas party.

Our office staff like to purchase the same cloth and wear to our Christmas parties.  Our church ladies are right now organizing matching outfits. 

Our current office uniform. 
I love this very visible way of uniting together.


Mom to 3 said…
I love this beautiful example of unity. I wish unity was a bigger part of the American culture. I think a good start is to encourage unity in my own family.
Joy Lenton said…
This is an unexpected and beautiful example of unity that surpasses the desire for individualism in dress which most of us possess. As a twin I always wanted to wear something different from my sister. We usually settled for one wearing blue and the other in pink or red versions of the same outfit until we were of an age to choose for ourselves. Seeing the menfolk also participating happily in wearing the same fabric here is really cheering. And it's a colourful sign of our status as united brothers and sisters in faith. Lovely post. Thank you!