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Five-Minute Friday: Pass

passI sometimes link up with Five-Minute Friday where we are given a word.  We are supposed to take five minutes only to write about that word.  I like the challenge of fixing a time limit and not having time to edit.  Of course, it can be a bit staged because you can see what the word for the week is, think about it, then sit down and maybe it's really more than five minutes. :)  Also, for me a good blog always has a picture, so I take a little extra time at the end to add in photos.  The word for this week is "pass".

I also like to link up with Suzanne at Outside the Frame.  This week's theme is to write about your strengths and weakness.  So I thought I'd try to combine the challenges and see what I come up with!

As Suzanne mentioned on her blog, our strengths are also often our weaknesses.  Some of my strengths are that I am very calm and practical.  On the other hand, I'm not always very sympathetic with people who are, shall we say, emotional.  This is interesting in a home where two out of four of us are rather emotional. :)   I love to work hard....give me a job with clearly defined parameters and I'll get it done for you.  The weakness for me here is that I tend to be a work-aholic.  I can't stand leaving a job until it's done, even if I've passed the point of diminishing returns.  A strength is that I am honest and direct, especially if you ask me a question.  I probably won't just come right out and say things, but if you ask me, I assume you want an honest answer.  The weakness, obviously, is that sometimes people didn't really want an honest answer!

One thing I hope that I pass on to my kids as they've seen me deal with my strengths and weaknesses is that we all have room for improvement and for change.  I hope I've passed on how to balance being who you are with becoming a more Christ-like person.  I want to pass on to them the conviction that God has given us strengths to serve others, and He's allowed our weaknesses so that we will need others.


 I want to pass on to my grandchildren that they are special in God's sight and that He loves them no matter how they are.  They don't need to be perfect to be loved.  They do need to be humble before God and be willing to let Him change them where they need to be changed.