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How my House REALLY Looks

It's time to link up with The Glorious Mundane for Outside the Frame.  This time we are showing our they REALLY look.  Now, I have to say, I don't have small children, and I don't like clutter, so you'll probably think it doesn't what you would see.

This is our living room.  We ran out of gas for our stove, so the bottle is in the living room near the door to remind me to take it with me next time I go shopping.  I also have a basket of clean folded laundry sitting in the living room waiting to be put away.  

The most horrifying thing in the entire house is the towel that covers the chair where the cat sleeps.  Ewww.  She has a habit of going outside and rolling in the dirt and then coming in the house.  So we do a pretty good job of confining her to one or two chairs that are covered with something that can be easily washed.  When we know guests are coming, we snatch it off the chair real quick.

Next is our dining room.  John is working on his doctorate and is at the stage where he really needs to be able to spread out his research, so parts of that are often on the dining room table.  I really don't mind as long as we still have a space to eat.  If you look closely you can see the dust on the table.  Around here, missionary moms don't tell their kids, "Get your elbows off the table", but "Stop writing your name in the dust on the table."

So, moving on to John's study.....he is so well organized, but he really does have lots of cards and papers everywhere.  I usually avoid the room just because I'm afraid that if I mess something up it will throw off the writing of his dissertation!  Honestly, the chaos of it all drives him crazy sometimes, too.

The kitchen today is fairly clean.  I did a big bunch of dishes and just left them in the basket.  Dinner is in the crock pot.

This is my desk. A bit cluttered, but not so bad that I can't work.  I've been known to have to clean up my work space before I can actually work.

And finally, our bedroom. We ALWAYS make our bed.  Our "rule" is that the last person up makes the bed.  Which works for me because that way I only have to make the bed on Saturday and Sunday. :) Sometimes the bed has folded laundry on it, but our bedroom is pretty tidy.  We don't have room in there for any activities other than being in bed, so it's not a dumping grounds.  By the way, those curtains aren't purple...I think it's the florescent lighting making them look that way in the center.

I didn't show you the bathrooms, both of which are also pretty tidy.  Or the store room.  It's just kind of boring.

If I showed up at your door right now, how would your house look?  Link up with Outside the Frame here or here to share your pictures!