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(Re)introducing Myself -- Outside the Frame

I am so excited to be joining Suzanne from The Glorious Mundane for this bi-weekly link up! To join the link up be share to click on Suzanne's name above.... it will take you to her page to link up your blog! :) Please join in the fun!

The link-up is called Outside the Frame and the aim is to draw bloggers together who are willing to be open and honest about life outside the frame of the camera.....  Pictures can make our lives look perfect and this is a chance to be real, to show what is outside the frame.

So here we go!

As I walk down the street, I get called "Annasara!" a lot.  I'm not sure how I feel about being called "White person!"  Mostly, I wish people would call me by my name, but I guess they can't do that if they don't know my name! I think "Annasara" makes me feel like I'm an oddity.  I guess I like "Annasara" better than "Hee Haw!", which I also get a lot.  "Hee haw" is a corruption of "Nee haw"  (Not sure how to spell it), the greeting in Chinese.  How anybody thinks I'm Chinese, I'm not must be my brown hair and hazel eyes.  

The names I like best are "Nancy", "Hannatu", "Mom", or "Grandma".  In the past I got called "Miss Hall" or "Mrs. DeValve", but that was when I was teaching school.

As "Nancy", I am a daughter, a wife, a friend, an aunt, a sister, or an employee:  daughter to Don and Betty, 

Helping my mom pack to go to Nigeria where I grew up.

wife to my amazing husband, John, 
Yes, I was all of about 95 pounds when we got married!

friend to many, 
aunt to 16, 
sister to two plus their spouses and three brothers-in-law and their spouses, 

My brother, Dean, my sister, Natalie, and me holding the cat.  We also have a brother in heaven.

and a missionary with SIM.

Me in my office, several haircuts ago.

As "Hannatu", I have a pronounceable and understandable name among my Nigerien friends (my friends at the office and church all call me "Nancy").  When I was a missionary in Nigeria, a friend and I had supper one evening with a Nigerian family.  He told us we need African names, so we told him he could have the privilege of naming us.  The name he gave me is "Hannatu" and I've used it ever since.  It is the same as the name Hannah, and Nancy is actually a derivative of Hannah, so it works really well.

I've been "Mom" or "Mommy" since 1989 when our first child, Daniel was born.  He was joined by his sister, Suzanne, in 1991.  I've love being a mom!

"Grandma" is a fairly new name for me since our first grandbaby is only 17 months old.  Of course I haven't heard her say my name yet, but I'm sure she'll be able to say it by the time we see her again this coming summer! :)