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Humble, Uncomplaining Servants

Last weekend we took a trip out to a village far off the beaten track to visit some missionaries whom we'll call Josiah and Elizabeth (not their real names).  John is the Regional Director for missionaries involved in evangelism and discipleship in this area and Josiah and Elizabeth are under his care, so we wanted to visit them where they live and work.  Not only that, we've known each other ever since we started our missionary careers in the early '80's.  Our Deputy International Director was visiting, so it was our privilege to have him go along with us. 

We traveled on the paved road for a couple of hours and then headed off onto a dirt road that led through several villages until we came to the up-and-coming village where they live. 

Their village has electricity several hours a day and is in a valley that allows a gardening industry to flourish.  In spite of it's out-of-the-way location, merchants come from all over to buy produce there to sell in other markets…

(Re)introducing Myself -- Outside the Frame

I am so excited to be joining Suzanne from The Glorious Mundane for this bi-weekly link up! To join the link up be share to click on Suzanne's name above.... it will take you to her page to link up your blog! :) Please join in the fun!

The link-up is called Outside the Frame and the aim is to draw bloggers together who are willing to be open and honest about life outside the frame of the camera.....  Pictures can make our lives look perfect and this is a chance to be real, to show what is outside the frame.

So here we go!

As I walk down the street, I get called "Annasara!" a lot.  I'm not sure how I feel about being called "White person!"  Mostly, I wish people would call me by my name, but I guess they can't do that if they don't know my name! I think "Annasara" makes me feel like I'm an oddity.  I guess I like "Annasara" better than "Hee Haw!", which I also get a lot.  "Hee haw" is a corruption of "Ne…

Ever Thought Much About the Holy Spirit?

Have you ever thought much about the Holy Spirit?  Probably most Christians haven't.  We believe He's real and He's part of the Trinity, but what part does He play in our daily lives?

Recently I have read four books about the Holy Spirit that I found helpful.
Forgotten God by Francis Chan is a great introductory book about the Holy Spirit.  I read this book second, but I’m going to start with it because if you have never taken an in-depth look at the Holy Spirit, this book is the best of the three to start with.  Compared to the other two, I’d classify it as an introduction to all that can be said.  It’s also written in a modern style and is, I’d say, geared towards the current generation, though it’s a great read for any generation.      Mr. Chan’s title is chosen because we speak a lot about Jesus and His love for us and His work on the cross and we speak a lot about God as the one who holds it all together, but we speak very little about the Holy Spirit.  Chan reminds us t…

My Book List for 2015

I read 50 books in 2015. When I counted up my list I had to go back and re-count because I've never read that many books in a year, at least not since I started keeping a list. I think it was in large part because we had a stay-cation this year, so I did a lot of reading during that month.

I will not do a book review of all 50 books, so don't despair. I just want to talk a little about my top 10 favorites, and then just list the rest. These aren't listed in any particular order, mostly just by the date when I read them (January at the top of the list, December at the bottom).
1. When Mountains Move by Julie Cantrell
This was one of those books that when I closed it at the end, I felt like I was saying good-bye to people I knew. The characters, the plot, the setting....all were so well-crafted that I felt like I was there witnessing the story. It felt true to life, showing the stress of setting up a homestead in Colorado and the toll that takes on a marriage, hiding lies,…