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Show and Tell Tuesday....Christmas Decor

Woops...once again, it's no longer Tuesday.  Nevertheless I'm linking up with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday.   The topic this week is Christmas Decor and I can assure you this will be a short post!

I love Christmas and I've got nothing against Christmas decorations.  But since we are missionaries in a country with a very small minority of Christians, we decided a long time ago to keep our Christmas simple. For one thing, we wanted new believers to be able to celebrate Christmas as they think is appropriate and not feel that the way we celebrate is the way Christians have to do it.  Here Christmas is celebrated at church with your church family.  At first we found it frustrating to try to open gifts with the kids and then spend the day at church, so we created our own tradition.  We usually have a special supper on Christmas Eve.  Then we go to church on Christmas Day and that almost always involves a meal of some sort.  Then on the day after Christmas (Boxing Day) we celebrate with gifts and a traditional American Christmas dinner.

And now that we've been keeping our Christmas simple for almost 30 years, I actually like it that way.  I now find that when places are heavily decorated I find it to be a sensory overload for me.

So, here's our "decor" if you want to call it that!  We have a very tiny tree. 

And this year the cat has decided she likes to play with the ornaments.

This is one of my favorite ornaments.


It was given to me by my German friend, Waltraud, who is in heaven now.  And this is a Swedish ornament we got for our wedding. 


Most of our Swedish straw ornaments have bit the dust.....but then they are almost 30 years old!

I have three nativity sets I really like.  One is from Nigeria and is made from pieces of wood. 

 This one is from Niger and is made from soapstone (it's my favorite).  

And this one was given to us a long time ago by friends.

When we were first married we bought these stockings, a green one and a red one.  (We don't have a mantel, so we hang them on the bookshelf! :) )

Then over the years I made a cross-stitched stocking for everybody in the family (except me).  So here is John's. 


I gave Daniel's and Suzanne's to them to keep.

We have a few other decorations around.

My great Aunt Jeanette loved Christmas.  These mugs were hers and I think of her every time I have a hot cup of tea or Milo.

My Christmas decorations may be simple, but get a load of this:  Santa does come to Niger and he comes on a camel!

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