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Book Review: Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon

The Hugh de Singleton series are set in the Middle Ages in Bampton (of Downton Abbey fame) and Oxford in the UK and written from the point of view of a surgeon and bailiff by the name of Hugh de Singleton.  These are mystery novels that will keep you guessing until the end, but at the same time they aren't intense heart-pounding mysteries.  A lot of the action is really just Hugh de Singleton sharing his thoughts with us. the readers.  That may sound boring, but since Hugh de Singleton isn't a boring person, neither is his thinking.

I've never been big on reading books set in the Middle Ages.  It's just not a time period that intrigues me, mainly because most of what I've read is all about knights and wars and I find that boring.  But I think the fact that the author really knows what he's talking about makes these books different.

The author, Mel Starr, has an MA in history and taught history in public schools for 39 years.  This is important to note because Mr.…

Reading Biographies

I do a lot of reading and I make sure I read some non-fiction, you know, to expand my mind.  But my favorite genres are novels and biographies/auto-biographies.  Biographical literature is almost as good as novels are.  Sometimes the stories are almost unbelievable and it's always inspiring to see what people overcome.  Christian biographies are especially good as they often show what can be done with a life completely obedient to Christ.  Many of the biographies I read are just about ordinary people who haven't done anything least not according to them.

One of the auto-biographies I read recently was called The Strength to Stand; My Cancer, My Blessing by David Adams.  David was just an ordinary guy working at a restaurant when he started having migraines that would last for days and that would end up making him pass out and he would have tingling down one side of his body.  He was diagnosed with brain cancer.  This is a simple story in a sense....he's ju…

Happy Birthday Tera Evelynne! .....with favorite pictures from the past year

Happy first birthday, little girl!  

Grandpa and Grandma wish we were there with you.  We sent you some gifts to show our love, but how much nicer it would be to be able to give them to you in person!

     In some ways we feel like we have missed an entire year of your life, little one, and are setting out to miss the second year.  On the other hand, we feel that we haven't missed a thing because every day, with mommy's help, you write a letter to us and send us a picture. 

     When I was a little girl and my mommy and daddy were missionaries, I only got to see my grandparents every four years. 

I loved time we spent with them when we were on furlough, but then four years would go by and we didn't get to see them.  We couldn't call, Skype, or email.  We could and did write letters.  And that's just the way it was.  

I remember my dad saying once that it was hard for my Grandma and Grandpa Gay to see their grandkids go off to Africa and I wondered about that becaus…

A Day in the Life

Suzanne asked me to do a guest post for her at The Glorious Mundane.  She wanted me to describe a typical day.  She also said I could post the same story on my blog, so here you are:

At 5:15 I try to untangle myself from the sheet and mosquito net and groggily fumble for my alarm, desperately trying to silence it before it wakes up John.  My first stop is the bathroom where I throw a load of laundry in the machine. 

All of our drinking water has to be filtered and we try to keep a good supply of cold water on hand to eliminate frequent opening of the fridge.  It’s hot here and we drink a lot!  So I empty three or four trays of ice cubes into a tray so we can quickly grab a handful to toss in our drinks.  Then I put a big block of ice in our Igloo water jug with some fresh cold water.  Throughout the day we’ll take our drinking water from the Igloo.  Finally I refill all the ice cube trays and water jugs with filtered water.  My reward is a nice cold drink of water since I always feel so…