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You Know It's Hot Season

Depending on how you look at it, it can be said that Niger has two seasons....or four.  If you say it has two seasons, that would be the dry season from October through May or June and the rainy season from June or July through September.  Or you can divide it up a bit more and say we have the rainy season from July through September, the mini hot season from October into November, the cold dry season from November through February, and the hot season from March through May and into June.  And the worst month of all is May, hand's down, no further discussion needed.  Here's how you know it's really hot season....and especially that it's May.

1.  It's 7 a.m. and you're already sweating.
2.  It's 7 a.m. and it's already 90 degrees.
3.  The high for the day is anywhere between 105 and 112.  Anything over 112 is rare, though we've seen an occasional 114.  That is the temperature in the shade.  Temperature in the sun, though, is even higher.
3.  Everything you touch feels hot, especially metal objects.
4.  You walk in the house and say, "Wow!  It feels good in here!" then look at the thermometer and see it is 90 degrees in the room.
5.  The water coming out of the cold water tap feels like the hot water heater is on.
6.  The shower is not all that refreshing feels like the hot water heater is on!
7.  Likewise, the swimming pool feels like a warm bathtub.
8.  Nevertheless, the swimming pool is one of the best places to be.
9.  Power cuts are frequent and almost unbearable as there are no fans or air

10.  Many towns in Niger run out of water and have to go long distances to haul in water (this was the case for us where we used to live).
11.  Your butter, ice cream, and jello turn into soup almost immediately.
12.  Candles don't stand up straight....they bend over from the heat.
13.  Clothes on the line dry almost instantaneously.
14.  You need to splash water on the seat of your motorcycle before you can sit on it (I've seen people do this.)
15.  Your steering wheel is so hot you can't touch it.
16.  If you don't have air-conditioning in your house but you own a vehicle, you drive around town just to get cool.
17.  People without air-conditioning splash water on the ground outside where they are sitting hoping that the evaporation will give them some cool air.
18.  When walking down the street, you stay on the side with the most shade and even move from side to side according to where the shade is.
19.  As you sweat, you cool, and then the flies are attracted to your now cool back.
20. Sweat running down your legs, back, or face is not a sign that you've been exercising, just that you're still alive.
21.  Even cats pant.  Panting isn't just for dogs.
22.  You get extremely grumpy, irritable, and impatient with everybody around you.
23.  The number one greeting after, "How are you?" is, "How's the heat?" and the answer is, "It's the season for it."
24.  Your computer shuts down because it overheats almost instantly.
25.  You don't want to cook and even eating takes too much effort.  Fruit and ice cream sound like a great meal!