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Show and Tell Tuesday .... My Yard

I'm linking up with Show and Tell Tuesdays on Momfessionals....only once again I'm late to the game.

The prompt this week is to show us your yard.  First, let me say that we live in Niger the majority of which is in the Sahara Desert.  We live in the "Sahel region"....that bit of land between the dessert and the grasslands where things grow, sort of.  People can get grass to grow, but we don't have any.  We do have lots of flowering bushes and greenery, though, that brighten up the sand that is everywhere.

Our gate (yes, we live in a gated community, LOL!) opens up onto our driveway.
  We share a compound with two other dwellings.  A family of five lives in the house just to the right of the gate.  To the left of the ladder at the top of the picture is our guard's toilet/shower.  (Yes, we have a guard....we don't feel in danger here, but there is a lot of petty thievery.  Plus, it employees somebody who desperately needs a job.)  Currently ours is the only car parked in the drive, but we have parked as many as four or five in there.  We can park three without anybody having to come out and move a car, but more than that, somebody has to move to let somebody else out.  The neighbors in the big house have their own driveway, but as they can only park one vehicle there their work vehicle is often parked in our drive.

We live in a duplex.  To the left is the apartment of another missionary and ours is to the right.  When we walk in from the street it feels so much cooler in our yard because of all the trees.  

We have a large terrace and I like to sit outside on cool mornings, which hasn't been happening much lately.  I eat my breakfast or lunch here sometimes, but John doesn't like to eat there because Queen of Sheba (the photo bomb in many of these pictures) makes a pest of herself when we're eating.

If you continue down our "alley", our clothes line is straight ahead....yep, pretty much anybody walking into our yard can see all our unmentionables hanging on the line.  There is a gate there that leads to the back door of the big house.  My neighbor and I love having such easy access to each other!  Her kids play in our yard as well as theirs.  Their bunny hops around our yard and our Queen of Sheba begs at their kitchen door.

To the side of the house is just an empty space.  We have a compost pit there and an herb garden.  Our basil does really well, the mint is doing well, the parsley is hanging in there, but the cilantro and dill died when it got really hot.

Then behind the house we have a small terrace.  We kind of use it for storage for spare tires, gerry cans, and the extra gas bottle for the stove.

So there you have it....our Oasis in the desert (and our street really is called Rue d'Oasis!).


Sara Lynn said…
I loved getting to explore your yard, it is fun to see how different everyones homes are.
A. Kay Daniel said…
Very nice! Thanks for inviting me in for a visit!