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Currently I'm _____

I'm linking up with Suzanne for Thursday's Question at The Glorious Mundane for "Currently I’m ____" (you fill in the blank!).  Yes, I know it's not Thursday, but we had a 10-hour power cut on Thursday.  No power = no internet.

Listening: to the ceiling fan whirring.  I can hear music from a nearby restaurant/bar.  Otherwise it's pretty quiet!  (Oh!  Just heard a loud noise and squealing accident out on the main road, maybe?)

Eating: I'm not eating anything! But I'm pretty proud of myself that even though John's gone I made a Hawaiian pizza for supper.  (I don't cook nearly as much when he's gone.)  Actually, I have my meals for next week all planned.  I cooked a pasta dish last night and will have the left-overs for that on Tuesday and Wednesday (I put it in the freezer last night during our 10-hour power cut because I wasn't sure the fridge was cold enough).  Tomorrow I'll make au gratin potatoes in the crock pot and have the left-overs on Monday night.  Thursday night I'll have left-over peanut butter sauce I put in the freezer earlier this week.  And Friday night I'll have the left-over pizza I popped in the freezer.  So  I'm all set!

Drinking: Ice water with lemon in it.  It seems like I drink all day!  I did have a Coke with my pizza and a cup of tea earlier in the day, but other than that it's been water all the way.

Wearing: Shorts and a t-shirt. Today was a holiday, so I can wear shorts since I'm not going out anywhere.  Actually, this is the 2nd outfit of the day.  Earlier I went to church for the annual May 1st Women's meeting, so I wore an African outfit and headscarf to that. Came home very hot and sweaty!

Feeling: pretty lonely without John.

Weather: HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!  This afternoon it was 108 degrees.  Right now at 9:44 p.m., it is 100.  Thankfully it's only 8% humidity. I mean hot is hot, but it feels even more hot when it's humid.

Wanting: John to come home.  But more than that, I want him to achieve his dreams and accomplish his doctorate.

Needing: Faster internet.  LOL.  Do I really NEED internet?  I used to live just fine without it.

Thinking: that I wish there weren't problems like B*ko H*ram, Baltimore riots, meningitis epidemics and not enough injections to go around, and killing going on in the Middle East.

Enjoying: seeing women from so many countries and ethnic groups worshiping God together this morning.
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