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Changes in our Church

It's been interesting to watch the local church we attend go through some changes in the past four to six years.  Some of them are cosmetic, as you'll see, while others are more important than just how the church looks.  

This is how the church looked for a long time.

Facing the front, there were windows on both sides of the room.  The side to your right in this picture also had two doors, one on each end of the wall. We would try to get there in time to sit by the window so that if the power went off we could still get some air!  I always put my Bible up on the window sill.  Then the Sunday before the flood I left the room quickly with our house guest who thought she was going to pass out.  I never went back in to get it....the flood happened that week....I never saw that Bible again.  
As you can see, it was pretty crowded with the choir there, the podium, and then....out the door.  In this picture, it looks like nobody came to church, but by the end of a service, the church is …

A Book Review: Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses

Walking theBible:  A Journey by Land Through theFive Books of Mosesby Bruce Feiler is a book that I downloaded for free on my Kindle.  Whatever the advertising blurb was, it sounded interesting.  After all, it was about the Bible and it was free!

I know this post will be a bit long, but I need to process some of the things this book got me to thinking about, so here goes!
Mr. Feiler has a very engaging writing style. He has the rare ability of helping you imagine in your mind exactly what a place must look like, to make you feel like you’re there, experiencing it with him. For example, upon landing in Cairo, he writes, “The plane taxied to a stop on the tarmac and the door opened onto a slab of thick black air. Stepping on to the stairs, I felt the familiar slap of desert, like staring into a hair dryer.” Describing the traffic in Cairo he writes, “Streets have no particular distinction between where cars should be driven and where they should be parked. …[O]ne is overwhelmed by the…

Show and Tell Tuesday: My Favorite Party

It's time again to link up with Momfessionals for Tuesday Show and Tell time.
 I almost didn't link up this week because anybody who knows me knows I'm NOT a party mom!  And then I look at some of the other blogs and think, nope, can't compete with that!  But then it's not a competition, and I'm willing to bet there are other moms out there who aren't party moms, either.  So here goes!

My idea of a fun party is that my kids got to spend quality time with their friends and that everybody had a good time.  Decorations, fancy cake, etc., not so much.  

I think my favorite party we had for our son, Daniel, was when he turned 18.  This was actually the last party we had for him since he was away at college after that and then got married.  

We went out for supper to a Chinese restaurant and ordered "hot pot", sometimes called "Chinese fondue".  And obviously there's a proper Chinese name, but I have no idea what it is!  Any way, with hot pot…

Thankfulness this Week

You may have noticed I didn't do any thankful pictures last week.  It's not that I wasn't thankful.....but three days of eight-hour long meetings didn't leave me much time for anything else.  

So, this week,

Monday -- We got in a container of medical supplies that will be going to our medical centers.  Meanwhile they line the halls of our office.  The added benefit?  It muffles the sound of a hallway that normally exaggerates and echoes sound.  It's so much quieter with all this stuff in the hall! 

Tuesday -- I'm very thankful for a nice pool where I can go to get some exercise when it's so hot.  And this picture is for my sister, to show her that not only do we eat in a "prison yard", we also swim in one! :)

Wednesday -- I'm thankful for my kitty, Queen of Sheba, who keeps me company.  I don't know why, but suddenly she's become a TV watcher.  She'll actually sit in front of the TV and watch it.  She never used to do this.

Thursday -- …

Currently I'm _____

I'm linking up with Suzanne for Thursday's Question at The Glorious Mundane for "Currently I’m ____" (you fill in the blank!).  Yes, I know it's not Thursday, but we had a 10-hour power cut on Thursday.  No power = no internet.

Listening: to the ceiling fan whirring.  I can hear music from a nearby restaurant/bar.  Otherwise it's pretty quiet!  (Oh!  Just heard a loud noise and squealing accident out on the main road, maybe?)

Eating: I'm not eating anything! But I'm pretty proud of myself that even though John's gone I made a Hawaiian pizza for supper.  (I don't cook nearly as much when he's gone.)  Actually, I have my meals for next week all planned.  I cooked a pasta dish last night and will have the left-overs for that on Tuesday and Wednesday (I put it in the freezer last night during our 10-hour power cut because I wasn't sure the fridge was cold enough).  Tomorrow I'll make au gratin potatoes in the crock pot and ha…