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Show and Tell Tuesday -- Favorite Room

Suzanne at The Glorious Mundane did a link blog with the Momfessionals blog on Tuesday:  Show and Tell Tuesday -- Favorite Room.   I thought I'd join in the fun.  Yes, I know, it is no longer Tuesday.  But at least Thursday starts with a "T". :)  And at the speed of our internet, it might be Saturday before this actually gets posted!

 My favorite room is our bedroom.  Our house is fairly simple, sitting here on the edge of the Sahara Desert.  But compared to the housing of the majority of the population of this sub-Saharan country, it’s really very luxurious. 

I made this quilt from African fabrics….but we had the walls painted before I started working on the quilt, so the blue and orange walls are quite the right colors for the quilt.  This summer we will need to have our house painted (the paint is coming off the walls in some of the rooms), so maybe we can get a closer match next time around.

Our room is only big enough for a double bed, two bedside tables, a wardrobe, and a dresser.   I’d love to have an easy chair in our room, but there’s no place to put one in here.

We sleep under a mosquito net to keep the little critters from giving us malaria.  

This is a view of our room looking over the net, which you can tell is quite dirty.  With the constant dust in the air (we do live close to the Sahara, after all!), it’s impossible to keep it clean.  You can see our dresser and our wardrobe.  Yep, those hold all of our clothes!

Even though nine months of the year the temperatures are over 90 degrees, we only have air conditioners in the bedrooms.  So when it’s really hot, especially on a Sunday afternoon, we’ll  hole up in the bedroom.  

We also have an en suite bathroom, which is nice.

Our room may be small, but we love it!

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