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My Most Embarrassing Moment

I've been enjoying linking up with momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesdays.  This week's prompt is "My Most Embarrassing Moment".

My most embarrassing moment was definitely one I'd rather forget and that hopefully I learned from.  Of course, it has to do with something I said.  Hopefully I've learned to be more careful in what I say, but I have to admit, it's usually my mouth that gets me in trouble....still.

It was summer vacation from college.  I was at my parent's house for the summer and my mom had volunteered gently suggested to me to help at a garage sale.  The proceeds of the garage sale were going to benefit a charity that I thought was a good cause, so I was happy to help out.  People had brought all sorts of donated goods to this lady's house and it was my job to help her and others organize the stuff on tables and in the lawn ahead of time. You know how it is at garage sales....lots of strange, outdated, truly bizarre wonder they donated it to a garage sale! I grabbed a box and there were a lot of little ceramic figurines in the box.  I'm not a fan of that kind of thing and these were particularly not to my taste. Thinking it was yet another strange box of donated items and assuming everybody else would agree with my opinion, I blurted out, "These are uglier than sin!"  I was met with a shocked look and silence.  Then, "I made those and donated them to raise money."  Woops.  Believe me, I wish I could have crawled under the table right then and there.  I'm sure I apologized and I'm still in touch with that lady, so I think she's forgiven me.  I surely hope she has.

And since we're talking about embarrassing moments, here's an embarrassing picture of me from that epoch.  (Time to embarrass my dad and my sister, too.)

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