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An Undeserved Gift

Recently we were given a gorgeous quilt.  This is my thank you letter to the givers of that gift.  (I hope I don't embarrass them too much!)

Dear Jenny & Joel,

Have you ever received a gift that the generosity of it almost completely overwhelmed you?  Left you speechless?  Possibly made the person who gave it to you think you didn’t appreciate it because you couldn’t find adequate words to say?

That’s how I felt when you presented us with the gorgeous quilt that you spent hours making.  It is so gorgeous I was left speechless….or nearly!  You must have spent hours laying out the cloth, cutting the pieces, and putting it all together.  And then to hand-quilt it…believe me, I have an idea of the amount of time you spent on that and of the callouses you developed on the end of your sewing fingers!

My first thought was, “I do not deserve such a beautiful gift.  The time spent on this quilt far, far outweighs the time spent with you in pre-marital counseling.  The time spent with you was a delight and never, ever a burden.”  (Not that you ever thought that, but the time together was a blessing and gift enough.)

And then I thought of how I never deserve God’s gifts, either.  I could never do enough or be enough to earn what God gives me.  His gifts of salvation, healing, redemption, forgiveness, comfort, and relationship are things I don’t deserve.  His gifts of relationships with others, the creation of the world and the beauty around me, of delicious foods, and sunset skies are nothing I’ve ever earned.  I cannot say to God, “I don’t deserve your gift, so please keep it.”  How ridiculous would that be! 

And so we accept your gift, one we feel that we don’t deserve.  We will love it and cherish it and think of you both whenever we see it.  And believe me when I say that the friendship we’ve built with you is also one that we will forever cherish.


Nancy & John
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