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What Are You Looking forward To?

Suzanne at the Glorious Mundane asks a weekly question.  For fun you can answer the question, then link up to her blog.  This week's question is What are you looking forward to?

I think looking forward is a good thing to do.  It keeps you hopeful and gives you goals to work towards.  Some of the things I'm looking forward to are just normal seasonal things that happen whether I want them to or not.  Others may are dependent on my actually doing something about them.

I'm definitely looking forward to the humidity being gone.  I love the rainy season, but since it's not going to rain any more, let's just let it be dry!  We've had some dry days this week and the evenings are already starting to get cooler.  Days are still hot, but that's ok if it's not humid and if it's cool at night.  In fact, we have slept the last few nights without running our air conditioner.  It's border-line warm still for that, but hey, saving money is worth it!  Already the guards who greet me on my long 5-minute "commute" home from the office are asking me, "How's the cold?"  Ummmm, the nights are getting down to 77 degrees.  I don't think that's really cold!  But it will get so that nights are in the low 60's and into the 50's and THAT's what I'm looking forward to!  Here's our former neighbor with her daughter and grandson who are all bundled up in sweaters because of the cold.  Seriously, it gets cold enough here to wear sweaters!

Other things I'm looking forward to?

A strong, vibrant church in this country.  On Sunday morning seeing people heading to church.  There are strong, vibrant churches here, by the way, just not many and Christians are very much in a minority.

Getting some of my projects at work done.  That would be like a major accomplishment.

Heaven.  To see Jesus.  And because I'll never have to say goodbye again.
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