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Grandma's Brag Book, September

I love being a grandma.  Not that I've had much experience at's all still very new.  But some days it is just hard to be so far away.  I'd love to see little Tera growing and changing.  Some days her mommy struggles with new-mommy-ness and I'd just love to be there to lend a helping hand.  I'm so thankful that Suzanne does such a great job at coming us up-to-date on what is happening.  She sends us a little letter from Tera every day and with it she includes a picture.  Since Grandmas are notorious for bringing out their photo album of their grandkids, I need to live up to that reputation.  So in this blog post I'm just sharing with you my favorite photos from the month of September.

When Suzanne sends me the vertical pictures they arrive sideways.  I save them in a vertical format.  But when I post them to the web, they come up sideways again.  In blogger there is no way for me to turn them around again.  So, sorry that you will have to lie on your side to see some of these!  It's frustrating to me because I like things to look right and this just isn't right!

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