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Looking back on Our Vacation

We are so thankful we were able to go back to the USA for a month.  Our main reason for going was to help our daughter when her first child was born.  We spent the majority of our time welcoming the new love of our life, our first granddaughter.  We did a lot of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and caring for pets, but we also did a lot of cuddling, snuggling, and loving on this beautiful baby.  It was with tears and sadness that we may be two years before we get back to the USA.  We are just very thankful for emails, Skype, and Facebook.  When I was a kid my grandparents didn't have those luxuries.

While in Ohio with Suzanne, Theo, and Tera we did a few fun things like going to the Corn Festival (yes, it is southern Ohio, after all!)
and visiting Yellow Springs, a nearby small town that has a very unique atmosphere.  
We also went to Young's one night where we played mini golf and had ice cream afterwards.  And we all went to a Thai restaurant for our anniversary.  But mostly we just stayed home and loved on that baby.

We also went to Florida to visit my parents and to Connecticut to visit John's mom.  We flew since we didn't have a car or time to drive.  We figured it was cheaper anyway.  We got some really good deals on Southwest and best of all didn't have to pay for all the luggage we had with us (we are allowed two free pieces on international travel, so it's nice that Southwest still has the same regulations).

 We went out to eat some and we celebrated Labor Day with other retired missionaries in Sebring, but mostly we just stayed home and enjoyed catching up with each other.  We only had three days in each location so we had no desire to do a lot of running around.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures in either Florida or Connecticut!

We spent our last two days with Daniel and Kelly.  They got tickets to go to a baseball game.  We took the metro there as driving and parking would have been difficult at best.  We took a bus first, then went to the Metro station.  There were so many people there who had the same idea as us.  So we joined the crowd to squeeze our way onto the next train.  Then Daniel told us we should go down to the end of the platform because the next train would have eight cars and it would run the entire length of the platform.  None of us believed him at first and were hesitant to lose our place in "line" (depending on your definition of line!).  But we finally believed him and went to the end of the platform.  It wasn't obvious that you could even get down there because we had to go back under a stair case and down a dark area along the stairs.  When we got to the end of the platform there were only about five other people standing around there.  We all told Daniel he'd better be right.  The train pulled in and sure enough, it had eight cars and the eighth one stopped right next to us.  We got onto a nearly empty car while all those other people squeezed into the first five cars.  Daniel rides the rails like a Boss! Here we are in our nearly empty car.

It was the Nationals against the Phillies.  Unfortunately the Nats lost, but it was still a fun experience.  

We each bought a big bottle of water at the grocery store for .87 cents before going to the game.  At the game they were selling beer for $8.00 a can and water for not much less than that.  They must have made a killing on drinks because it was a really hot day.  We did break down and bought Cokes and some french fries at far more than what they were worth!  But it was all part of the fun, I guess.

It turns out that the special event of the day was Faith Night so we were pretty excited about catching a free Lincoln Brewster concert after the game.  But a thunder storm came in and they decided to cancel the concert since they didn't want Lincoln Brewster getting zapped by lightning.  We were a bit disappointed by that, but we had waited around the park for a long time waiting to hear if they were going to cancel or not.  So by the time we left, most of the other 37,800 fans had already cleared out and the metro wasn't too crowded on the way back.

We also went to an Ethiopian restaurant with Daniel and Kelly and the injeera and wat was a hit with all of us.

It was a great vacation.  In some ways it was not the most restful one we've had, but welcoming a grandchild was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my life.