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Rental House with Furniture

The day before we left Niger for our vacation, we worked on moving furniture into the house we had rented and had renovated.  By "we" I mean my friend, Beka, and a lot of staff from Sahel Academy.  So here are some photos showing the move and how it looks with furniture.  Unfortunately we didn't get as far as hanging curtains that day, making bed, etc., so I can't show you any photos of the final, final product.

Moving in the furniture:

Washing and putting away dishes.  We'll get more cupboards in the kitchen.

Hanging curtain rods.

Working on the master bedroom.

The living room looking from the kitchen door.  We decided to put the fridge in the dining room/living room right next to the kitchen.  If we put it in the kitchen it would have to be right up against a wall and would overheat with no air flow.

Living room looking towards front door.

Looking towards the kitchen....the dining room area.

The front of the house.  The owner has planted mango, citrus, and moringa trees.
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