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House Repairs

If you follow my blog, you probably remember the post I did here on house hunting.  You may wonder if we took that house or not.  Well, yes we did.  And God has really blessed us by giving us an amazing landlord who has done everything we asked and more.

Here are some before and after pictures.  The kitchen before.  A bit like a cave, don't you think?

When my co-worker, Beka, brought her husband along to see the house, he had the brilliant idea of knocking out the wall between the living room and the kitchen.  It doesn't make the kitchen any's still a small kitchen, but it gives it more light and air.  They also added a small window and a door that can be opened for extra light (the door in this picture would normally be closed as it will be a screen door). The landlord also added a sink and a bit of a bench.  We'll have to add in cupboards....that's not standard in kitchens here.  He also added a second light fixture and about five outlets.

And here is a before picture of the living room looking towards the kitchen.  All the windows had these metal shutters on them which work well as security bars and to keep out light.  But they don't do much to keep out dust.  And the windows didn't have screens on them, either.  The kitchen door is in the center of the picture.

An after picture looking towards the kitchen.

After:  The living room looking towards the kitchen door.  The little window is for air flow because the bedroom there doesn't have a window.  It will be used for a study, not a bedroom.

The living room now, looking from the kitchen towards the front door.  The hall leads to the bathroom and three bedrooms.

This is one of the bedrooms before.  Same kind of windows, fan didn't work, etc. He switched the windows with the other kind, changed the fans, and painted in all the bedrooms.

And here is the same bedroom after.  

And a corner of the front of the house showing the terrace which he tiled.  In the back is a store room with a covered terrace that he also tiled.  The washing machine will be hooked up out there.  He added a washing machine hook-up and outlet there.

So, what do you think?  (Once all the trash gets picked up!)