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Baby Quilt for Tera

I got Tera's quilt pieced together in Niger, but waited to finish it when I got to the USA.  I needed to get batting and I wanted to buy binding.  I've made my own before, but it's a lot of work!

Last weekend I finally got around to buying what I needed....I'm not really a procrastinator, though some would argue with that.  I've just been kind of busy cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and spending time with a certain adorable baby.  

So this week I finally got it all put together.  I had some issues with the bobbin on Suzanne's machine.  She said she's happy to know it isn't just her who has problems with it!  So some of the stitching on the back isn't quite right and I had to completely pull out one row of stitching. 
The back
 I just quilted it "in the ditch" but used a fancier stitch.  Then I machine stitched one side of the binding and hand-stitched the other.

I think the yellow binding finishes it off perfectly.  I'm pleased with how it turned out. Here is Tera Evelynne Hines modeling it.  She's wearing only a diaper today as it's pretty hot here in southern Ohio.

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