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Rainy Season

Well, it's been awhile since I've written anything on the old blog.  It seems that if I have time to update my blog, the internet doesn't work.  And if I have absolutely no time at all, the internet works great.  So busy and terrible internet = no blog post for a very long time.

It looks like the rainy season may have finally properly arrived.  In May we had some dust storms and a few rains, and one of them gave us quite a few millimeters of rain.  I love a good dust storm, though this year I haven't managed to get any good pictures showing the storm approaching.

The beginning of the rainy season always brings several dust storms.  These storms can turn day to night, drop the temperatures by 20 degrees, and leave your house looking like the Sahara desert swept through it.  They are amazing and beautiful in their own way....especially when they are followed by rain.  Unfortunately sometimes there isn't any rain with them.  The first dust storms of the season are usually the most spectacular and then they lessen in intensity as the rains begin.  From the middle to the end of the rainy season we seldom see dust with the rain.

One of the storms we got recently was extremely windy.  It was pretty scary, in fact!  

The only damage we got at our house was a potted plant blew off the wall.
 Still, those clay pots filled with dirt and a plant are pretty heavy, so that gives you an idea of the force of the wind.  We saw trees and branches down
 and signs blown over.  
The point of the triangle that's almost touching the ground was facing the sky before the storm.
I heard roofs were ripped off and other damage done to houses and buildings.

This week we got a nice rain storm that dumped around two inches of rain.  We slept soundly (or at least I did) to the sound of the rain pounding on the tin roof.  In the morning when I stumbled into the living room in the dark, I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was walking through water.  We have a drainage gutter outside the back of our house that had gotten clogged with leaves.  The water couldn't run off fast enough so it came in our house, under the back door.  

It took John and I about an hour to get it cleaned up.  Thankfully we don't have carpet!  The flood also, ahhhh, cleaned behind and under the fridge for us.  Yuck.
So, Saturday I cleaned up all the leaves on the back terrace.

 I also did our neighbor's side since she's gone and the leaves there were part of the problem.  So, I think we're set now for the rest of the rainy season!

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.  If you've read this post all the way through, please remember to pray that we will have enough rain, coming at regular intervals so that the people in this country can have an abundant harvest.
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