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House Hunting

In June Sahel Academy closes for the academic year and many of our personnel leave.  Either their short term is completed, they go on home assignment, or they leave for good for a number of reasons.  Then in July and August we get a large influx of personnel....some are new and others are returning from their home assignment.

Many years the houses that are vacated by those leaving are filled by those arriving.  But every now and then we don't have enough houses.  This year is an example.  For now we are in need of two more houses.

So Friday my friend, Beka, and I went house hunting.  Beka is in charge of making sure houses for short-termers are furnished.  So I really appreciate her input on housing.

 We were taken to a house that on first tour through we thought, "No.  It's going to require too much work."  Then we started thinking about the positives, such as it's just the right size and the rent is reasonable.

The landlord then informed us that if we could pay sev…

He's Back and the Craziness Continues

Wow, this past week has been crazy! John got back from the UK on Friday, May 23, around 2:30 p.m. He had had good connections and a good trip, just very, very tiring since he'd had a red-eye from UK to Ethiopia. We had a nice afternoon together and I made pizza for supper and we watched a short video before John headed off to bed.

The next day John started in on a household task that has needed to be done for quite awhile. We have grass mats over our terrace to keep the sun from shining directly on the house and to provide shade so we can sit on the terrace.
 The mats do wear out with time and these were about at the end of their usefulness. When they did the roof repair job, the guys let big hunks of cement fall on the mats, knocking holes in them. That meant that every day there was grass mat debris all over the terrace and it was getting harder and harder to keep it clean. So John's first job was to rip out the grass mats. It was harder than it sounds since the person…