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Some Pretty Talented Kids

Students at our mission's school come from many different missions and even more different countries.  A certain percentage of the students are not from missionary families, but their parents work at Embassies or in business.  I've been able to attend two events recently that I thoroughly enjoyed and that show what a talented bunch of kids we have (not to mention what a dedicated and influential staff we have!).

The first event I went to was a Talent Show.  I didn't get many pictures as I was pretty far back and the darkness of the room made it pretty challenging.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, I sure noticed how out of touch I am with current pop culture.  And my kids have only been out of the nest for five years!

The next event I went to was a combination art display/school play.  The art classes and sewing class had their creations displayed outside on the quad for all the parents and guests to admire.  

See what I mean about a talented bunch of kids at the school?!

The play the drama class put on was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  They did an excellent job with simple scenes.  

Would you like some Turkish Delight?
Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver
It was a very fun evening.  It's also fun to see the kids that I've watched grow up now as the big kids at the school.
Aslan talks to Peter

The White Witch thinks she has won over Aslan

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