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Some Pretty Talented Kids

Students at our mission's school come from many different missions and even more different countries.  A certain percentage of the students are not from missionary families, but their parents work at Embassies or in business.  I've been able to attend two events recently that I thoroughly enjoyed and that show what a talented bunch of kids we have (not to mention what a dedicated and influential staff we have!).

The first event I went to was a Talent Show.  I didn't get many pictures as I was pretty far back and the darkness of the room made it pretty challenging.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, I sure noticed how out of touch I am with current pop culture.  And my kids have only been out of the nest for five years!

The next event I went to was a combination art display/school play.  The art classes and sewing class had their creations displayed outside on the quad for all the parents and guests to admire.  

See what I mean about a talented bunch of kids at the schoo…

Another Look at What I Eat

Just for starters.....Friday night I went to a talent show at Sahel Academy.  There were refreshments at intermission and I stuck to the popcorn (not buttered), bypassing all the delicious looking sweets.  And then on Saturday I went to a bridal shower and there were lots and lots of sweets being served and I DIDN'T TAKE ANY!  Woo! hoo!  That's an accomplishment for me.  Thankfully there were raw veggies, pasta salad, popcorn, and deviled eggs.

A few years ago the doctor told me that I have a very mild case (is that the right word?) of hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough of certain important hormones.  Symptoms may include fatigue, weight gain and the inability to lose weight, feeling cold (boy, I wish that would happen here!), constipation, dry skin, and hair loss.  When you have it as mildly as I do, you may not even have many noticeable symptoms. 

This past week I googled something like "hypothyroidism and weight loss". …

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

I LOVE sugar!  I have a sweet tooth that I believe must have been inherited from my Grandma.  We used to wonder if when none of us were around she ate only cookies.  I love cookies, cake, and pie.  I love lots of brown sugar on my oatmeal.  Bread with jam.....well, let's just say you shouldn't be able to see the bread under the jam.  And I love Coke, especially the Coke we get here that's made with sugar not with corn syrup.  Oh, and candy.  Pretty much any kind of candy, but especially if it's chocolate.  Left to my own devices, I would probably be like my Grandma and eat a well-rounded diet of cookies and other sweets!  

Ironically, I don't like super sweet drinks, like juice, Kool-Aid, and the way hibiscus juice is made by many people.

However, I do know how bad sugar is for you.  I've also been trying to lose a little weight.  So, I decided to cut out sugar while John is gone and see how it goes.  It's easier when he's not here because when he's h…