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Keeping Myself Organized

In the past I have used a one-year planner, but there is always something about them I don't like and they are expensive!  So, based on an idea I got from a friend and from home-made planners I've seen on the internet, I've gone to creating my own.

It's hard to find the kind of notebook I like here, so I brought a handful of ordinary Composition books with me.  I think the ones I got were $1.00 or $1.50 at Walmart.

Then I print out my own calendar for the month and glue it in to the book.
February Calendar 

March calendar

The next page is my "inspiration page" which I try to use to depict something that is important to me for that month.  Some times it is pictures, a verse, or a prayer.  I'm also using Anne Voskamp's Joy Dare (available on her web site), so I make sure I have that on the page somewhere as well.  
January inspiration page
February inspiration page
For February I ended up with three inspiration pages.  On page 2 and 3, I printed I Corinthians 13 on hearts and then wrote a goal/prayer request for each characteristic of love.  I prayed over these during the month.
March inspiration page

Next, I divide a 2-page spread into eight sections (because it won't go evenly into seven).  This is my planner for the week.  On these pages I write my to-do list, my menu, my photo prompt for the day, etc.  I keep a paper-clip on the page for that week, partly so I can turn to it quickly, but also so I can keep track of receipts I need to turn in, etc.

My weekly plan page

After my weekly planning section, I use pages to take notes in church, during meetings, on books I'm reading, etc.  I also take notes on my Bible reading. That way I have everything in one book and don't have to keep track of so many little pieces of paper or other notebooks.
Notes on the message in church.  If the message is in French, I try to take notes in French.  It helps me stay focused!

Right now for my personal Bible study, I am doing a word study on HOPE.
I find this is working pretty well for me, but I think I'm going to use more composition books than I planned for!

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