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Odds and Ends during March

This month has been busy and challenging in many ways.  Driving in Niamey is definitely a challenge .....and it's about to get a whole lot worse! Here's a picture of a typical city driving scene. This truck is taking onions grown in Galmi out of the country.  Onions are actually Niger's biggest cash crop.

And why are things about to get worse?  Well, the rond point (traffic circle) at the end of the bridge and the bridge are about to get a major make-over.
 There will be an over-pass, multiple lanes, and I don't know what all.  So on Friday they blocked off two of the roads leading to/going from the bridge and the madness begins as all traffic is compressed into half the number of available roads.  I suspect it will get a whole lot worse before it gets better.  But when it's done it should be really nice.  It's just that it is supposed to take two years.....two years of even crazier driving than normal.  Thankfully I can walk to work, but parents of school kids …

Keeping Myself Organized

In the past I have used a one-year planner, but there is always something about them I don't like and they are expensive!  So, based on an idea I got from a friend and from home-made planners I've seen on the internet, I've gone to creating my own.

It's hard to find the kind of notebook I like here, so I brought a handful of ordinary Composition books with me.  I think the ones I got were $1.00 or $1.50 at Walmart.

Then I print out my own calendar for the month and glue it in to the book.

The next page is my "inspiration page" which I try to use to depict something that is important to me for that month.  Some times it is pictures, a verse, or a prayer.  I'm also using Anne Voskamp's Joy Dare (available on her web site), so I make sure I have that on the page somewhere as well.  

Next, I divide a 2-page spread into eight sections (because it won't go evenly into seven).  This is my planner for the week.  On these pages I write my to-do list, my menu, …

Quilting for the Baby

When Suz and Theo and Daniel and Kelly got married I made each of the couples a quilt.  Now I've made one for ourselves as well.  And now it's time to start on one for Baby Hines, due in August.  

Suz asked me to use grey, aqua, and yellow.  Right now I'm not telling what pattern I'm using or showing any pictures of what I hope the finished product will look like.  For one thing, it's a gift, so the recipients get to see it first....THEN we'll put up photos!  For another thing, since I'm still learning, I don't want to say too much about what it's supposed to look like in case it ends up looking nothing like that!

So, to pique your curiosity a bit, here are some photos of what I've done so far.

A Trip Home

First, a my last post I called Chicken Katsu Curry an Indian dish, but it turns out it's actually Japanese.

Two Fridays ago we went up to where we used to live.  A year ago at this time the government had pretty much banned expatriates from leaving Niamey by road, so it had been over a year since we'd been up there.

The first place we went was to our former next-door neighbor's house.  We were pleased to see that she got a new grass hut.  It's still a grass hut, but it's a lot better than the one she was living in last time we were there.  We were also surprised to see that somebody had built a permanent house on the property where she lives.  I guess we shouldn't be surprised as she is a squatter and the owners came and built a house on their own property.  What pleasantly surprised us is that they let her stay there.  Here I am sitting on her bed with her in her hut.  The bed, which we gave to her when we left, pretty much takes up the entire hu…