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Special Birthdays

Two people I love very much celebrate their birthdays today and tomorrow.  Daniel's birthday is today, February 23 and my mom's is tomorrow, February 24.  

Of course I'm happy for my mom's birthday because without my mom, I wouldn't be here!  But other than that she gave birth to me, I'm thankful for her for so many reasons.  She's always been steady and consistent.  There was seldom any question as to how she would react to certain things.  You always knew what to expect.  That quality gives a lot of security to a kid (whether they be 5 or 50-something!).  She always practices what she preaches, taught me many important lessons in life, and has a gentle way about her.

Daniel celebrating his 2nd birthday with Grandma (my mom)
Daniel turns 25 today.  Wow!  That kind of makes me feel old!  He has always been a joy...well, other than between 2 weeks and 10 weeks old when he pretty much cried every night for two hours and nothing would make him stop.  And he wouldn't start crying until about 11 p.m.  So, there was a brief period there when I wondered where to go to take him back.  But once he was over that he was an easy baby.  I love seeing the man he has become and pray that he will continue to walk with God.
Four.  Obviously.

Six years old.  I don't know what that is on the cake!
14 years old.  It looks like we had a few issues with the frosting!
18th birthday.  Home-made angel food cake.

Happy Birthday, Daniel!
Happy Birthday, Mom!