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John's Birthday

Well, another birthday celebration has come and gone.  John's birthday was the 29th.  We were both busy all day and then something happened at the office that took quite a bit of my time and energy.  My co-worker, friend, and neighbor, Beka, asked what we were doing for John's birthday.  I told her it wouldn't be much especially since we had Bible study that night.  While we were having a meeting with somebody (another potentially stressful thing that went fairly well) she texted and asked if we were home.  We said yes, but in a meeting, so she said to let her know when we were done.

As soon as I texted that we were done, the entire family came over with a cake and sang happy birthday to John and gave him a nice card.  Usually we eat supper before Bible study but because of our meeting we didn't have time to fit it in.  We shared the cake with the Bible study group and they were very thankful!  (College boys, remember?)

I made some simple something for supper and then John opened his gifts.  I had been able to order a video for him that a new arrival brought with her just in time for his birthday.  I also got him a shirt and a candy bar.  And I gave him a card that I spent a long time making, which said another gift was yet to come.

On Saturday night I invited some friends over for dessert to celebrate John's birthday.  I made a cheese cake for him. I found a can of blueberry topping I'd been hoarding and forgot I had!  So that made the perfect cheesecake topping.  I also cut up some fruit, made popcorn, and a friend brought a plate of cookies.  We had a fun evening together.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the birthday celebrations.

Finally this past week I had a chance to go out and get John's promised gift.  He spends a LOT of time working hard at his desk.  He's been using a dining room chair to sit on, but it's not very comfortable and he complains often that his back hurts.  So I got him a comfortable desk chair that I hope will help his back a bit.  It's got good lumbar support.

While I was out shopping somebody wrote on my car with a marker, thank you very much.  It's a good thing I didn't see it until I got home because it probably wouldn't have been a very missionary reaction.  Thankfully it came right off with some alcohol.