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A New Recipe....Fabulous or Flop?

First, just let me say that I am VERY excited because we switched internet providers.  Our internet is MUCH faster.  For the past two months I've barely been able to open my email.  When I do a blog, it takes 20 minutes to upload a compressed photo.  So, this is pretty amazing.  But like my neighbor, who shares our internet, said, "When will I file my nails now that the internet is so fast?"  (btw, it was her wonderful husband who did all the work of getting it set up!)  Don't get the idea that our internet is lightning fast now, but at least we don't now have time to go take a shower while a page is opening.

Secondly last week we made a quick trip to where we used to live.  I'll do a blog on that, but need some time for that one.  It's already 9:13 p.m. and I just want to do something fast.

I'm pretty stuck in a rut for cooking.  We like what we like, I can cook those tried and true recipes often without a cookbook, and I'm all about what's eas…

Special Birthdays

Two people I love very much celebrate their birthdays today and tomorrow.  Daniel's birthday is today, February 23 and my mom's is tomorrow, February 24.  

Of course I'm happy for my mom's birthday because without my mom, I wouldn't be here!  But other than that she gave birth to me, I'm thankful for her for so many reasons.  She's always been steady and consistent.  There was seldom any question as to how she would react to certain things.  You always knew what to expect.  That quality gives a lot of security to a kid (whether they be 5 or 50-something!).  She always practices what she preaches, taught me many important lessons in life, and has a gentle way about her.

Daniel turns 25 today.  Wow!  That kind of makes me feel old!  He has always been a joy...well, other than between 2 weeks and 10 weeks old when he pretty much cried every night for two hours and nothing would make him stop.  And he wouldn't start crying until about 11 p.m.  So, there was a…

Naming Ceremony

When we lived in the village (more of a large town) we went to naming ceremonies all the time.  We lived right in the neighborhood and were included in all the big life events that went on around us.  Here in the big city we live in a neighborhood where the neighbors don't really even know each other, which means we don't get to things like this as often.

So here in the city we only occasionally go to naming ceremonies and those are generally for people we know really well.  Such was the case for the naming ceremony of K__'s baby.  K__ has worked for several missionaries, including myself, though she isn't currently working for me.  I don't know why she never married, but she didn't.  Then a little over a year ago she did get married and was happy to soon after find herself pregnant.  She is nearly 40, and since this was a first pregnancy, it was considered high risk.  She did really well during the pregnancy.  Normally here they only do a C-section if the life …

John's Birthday

Well, another birthday celebration has come and gone.  John's birthday was the 29th.  We were both busy all day and then something happened at the office that took quite a bit of my time and energy.  My co-worker, friend, and neighbor, Beka, asked what we were doing for John's birthday.  I told her it wouldn't be much especially since we had Bible study that night.  While we were having a meeting with somebody (another potentially stressful thing that went fairly well) she texted and asked if we were home.  We said yes, but in a meeting, so she said to let her know when we were done.

As soon as I texted that we were done, the entire family came over with a cake and sang happy birthday to John and gave him a nice card.  Usually we eat supper before Bible study but because of our meeting we didn't have time to fit it in.  We shared the cake with the Bible study group and they were very thankful!  (College boys, remember?)

I made some simple something for supper and then Jo…

Roof Repairs

We have a very large tree in our yard, called a gao tree.
 This tree is native to the area and is well-adapted to an arid climate. It's roots go very deep and in the dry season it reaches down to the water source and produces leaves, providing shade at the time of year when you need it most.  It also produces a pod that can be fed to animals.  Just before the rainy season begins, it looses all of its leaves which are nourishing to the soil.  Since the tree has no leaves during the rainy season, the millet can get the sunshine it needs to grow during its short growing season.  In addition, the wood is extremely hard and quite termite resistant.  But I digress.

Before we moved to this house, there was a huge wind storm and a branch from the gao tree fell on the house, bending the metal roof.  It was patched up and was ok for awhile, but for the past two rainy seasons we have had a lot of dribbling down the walls during storms as well as some leaks in the ceiling.  A few months back we…

Thoughtful Fasts

In November Suzanne wrote a book review on her blogabout the book 7 by Jen Hatfield.  The book sounded intriguing, and as Suz promised, she sent it to me for Christmas.  I don't know if there's been much media hype about the book or not.  Thankfully we miss most of that kind of hype being the proud users of some of the slowest internet I've ever used!  The reason I say that is, when everybody says you should read something, I usually refuse to read it.  It took me forever to get around to reading 1,000 Gifts and I never have read The Shack.  I guess it's because I want to form my own opinions and not have people already telling me that I should think it's an amazing book.

So, not having heard anything about the book except what Suz wrote on her blog....which intrigued me....I read the book without any pre-conceived notions.  So, if you're like me and you don't like people telling you you have to read a book, you can skip this blog post.  If you like to have …