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Exciting News

On Thanksgiving our kids said they wanted to skype with us.  They were all in Florida visiting their grandparents (my mom and dad).  Suzanne said she was also sending us an email but to not open the email.  

The Skype connection was terrible.  Yep, that's what skype looks like on our end!  Kind of like an impressionistic painting.  Not only could we barely see anything recognizable as a human face, their voices sounded like aliens speaking through a tube.  We seemed to be hearing something about "baby", but who could be sure?  Then Suz said to open the message from her and there we found this picture.
 (OK, this is just weird.  This picture is right side up in my album but comes up sideways on blogger.  I don't get it!)
Anyway, the point was pretty clear in this picture.  It's a baby!

But then they told us we couldn't tell anybody for awhile yet.  Finally the 2nd week of January we told a few people that we wanted to hear it directly from us and then they went public with it.

I'm enjoying Suz's weekly "bump" pictures.  You can also follow along here.

So, yeah, we're pretty excited about being grandparents! I just wish we were closer but am thankful for the way they are keeping us updated.

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