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Wardrobe Malfunctions

Several months ago the ladies I work with at the office decided we would have outfits made out of the same cloth for our Christmas party.  So we went shopping for cloth.  It was a fun afternoon, but challenging as well.  We all had different colors that we feel we look good in and we had to think of what the men would wear, so nothing flowery, pink, or otherwise feminine looking.  We also objected to some designs that end up with large circles strategically placed over certain body parts, like targets. Then, when we found something we all agreed on, it had to be something that the shop had a lot of since there would be a lot of us buying it.  And finally it had to be in an affordable price range. We eventually ended up with something with which we were all happy.

The next step was to take the cloth to the tailor and have it made into an outfit.  Of course, I procrastinated....I got the cloth in September and didn't take it to the tailor until December.  The tailor has pictures on h…

Laundry, A Party, and a New Recipe

This is going to be a really random post, wandering from here to there.

First, over a month ago our washing machine gave up the ghost.  We thought it could be fixed, and so did the repair man.  But it turns out it was irreparable. So we went looking for another one.  It was more expensive than we wanted to pay, but God had provided some money unexpectedly, so we were able to get one that we hope will last longer.  My favorite thing about this machine is that it has a timer on on days when our house-helper doesn't come until late morning, but I have to go to work early, I can put the machine on the timer.  Then the close finish washing about the time he arrives and don't have to be in the machine all morning getting wrinkled.  It is a bit bigger than our old one but still fits in the spot but the door barely clears the toilet!

On Friday night we had a Christmas party for our Bible study group.  Here is a before shot, a during shot, and two after shots.  We did some singi…

When Prosperity Teaching Leaves You with Some Big Questions

The ladies at our church meet every Saturday afternoon.  Since Saturday is my only day to stay home and do my own thing, I've decided to go to the ladies' meetings on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.  So, that's my routine.  I do enjoy the ladies, but I just can't go every week.

December is ladies' month at our church, so there are always some extra things going on.  For one thing, we buy the same cloth and make matching outfits.  This year's cloth was a real stretch for me.  I DO.NOT.WEAR.YELLOW.  EVER.

My skin has a definite yellow tinge to it, so I don't think yellow or orange are very flattering on me. Not only that, the modele is not something I would have picked out for myself.  The sleeves are, ummm, interesting as you can see from this blurry photo. What do you think?  Bat or angel? But I guess when it's all said and done it doesn't look too bad.

During ladies' month they sing special numbers at church, are very involved in preparin…