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My Trip to Kenya

I've been wanting to blog about my trip to Kenya, but the internet at home has been horribly slow.  Not only that, but I've also had a bad cold and have been pretty tired and going to bed early.  I think I'm finally kicking the cold, but still have a sinus headache today.  In fact today, I came home at noon, didn't even say anything to John, got in bed, and slept for over an hour.  Poor John thought something was really wrong with me.  I was just too tired to even think about lunch or conversation!

I was really happy that I got to travel with Carol to Kenya.  She helps me with personnel stuff for our mission hospital.  We had to take three planes to get there...Niger to Abuja, Nigeria; Nigeria to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and Ethiopia to Nairobi, Kenya.  We arrived at one in the morning, but by the time we got to our guest house it was nearly three.  We slept until eight, then ate breakfast and went in a bus to the conference center where we spent the rest of the week.  You can look at the Brackenhurst Conference Centre website here.

Wow!  What a beautiful place!  The Kenyans are master gardeners with flowers growing everywhere.

 It wasn't unusual in Nairobi to see cut flowers in buckets being sold on street corners.  Every day at Brackenhurst they put fresh flowers on the dining room tables.

We had sessions all day and into the evening.

 But we also had fabulous meals and both morning and afternoon tea.
Enjoy the grass and sunshine during one of our breaks.
I sure enjoyed the cooler climate, too.  Carol and I left our window open just a bit at night and then snuggled under blankets.  Here I am in front of the room we shared.

 The sessions were really good.  I think most helpful for me, though, was meeting other personnel coordinators and finding out how they do things and what some of their biggest challenges and joys are.  I was also able to present our field's security documents as well as outline how we put together our child protection policy.

One afternoon we had a longer break and were able to walk through the tea plantations.  This area of Kenya has the perfect climate for tea growing.  I wish we'd had time to tour one of the factories and find out more about the process of getting the tea from the bush to the cup.  Of course I went home with some Kenyan tea!
The white dots are tea-pickers hard at work.

Our trip back was fine, but pretty tiring.  We had to leave our guest house at around 2 a.m. and there had been some kind of partying going on downstairs that made what little sleep I did get pretty fitful.  All of our flights were jam-packed.  The man sitting next to me on our longest flight recognized me from the trip going to Kenya....we were apparently on the same flight a week earlier.   He obviously made the trip numerous times as he kind of helped us all during our layover in Nigeria.

It sure felt good to get back home, though I have had a cold ever since coming back.  I'm glad I didn't have it in Kenya, anyway.
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