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Five Minute Friday: Together

John and I have been together 27 years and it's been 28 years since we started dating.  

At first it was just the two of us, figuring out how to live as one.  

Then one after another, we added two more and we were together as a family.
 Now our time was spent figuring out how to be a couple AND to be parents.  Probably our focus was more on the parenting than anything.  Together we got through a lot of things by figuring it out as we went.  I don't know what we would have done without the Lord to help us through!

Now we're back to just the two of us.  We both miss our kids terribly and weren't too keen on being empty nesters.  But I'm enjoying this time of being a couple again and being able to concentrate on each other.  If we had not continued working on our relationship during the child-raising years we'd probably look at each other now and think, "Who are you?"  

I recently read a book by Gary Chapman called The Four Seasons of Marriage.  John and I i…

A Concert and a Fun Evening Out

Last Saturday night John and I attended a concert at a nearby Cultural Center.  We have never attended any events there in all of our years here.  We paid about $4.00 each to get in to hear one of the foremost musical groups here in this country. The amphitheater is outside with fairly comfortable chairs.  It would be best to go during the cool season.  The night we were there was quite comfortable, but I can imagine it would not be as enjoyable when it is really hot.

The group is called Mamar Kassey.  Their name comes from history:  Askia Mohammed, the greatest king of the Songhai, was also known as Mamar Kassey.  

The concert was to start at 8:30, but probably didn't get going until 9:00 and then lasted until almost 11:00.  Honestly, we didn't catch a lot of the lyrics.  Some of the songs seemed to be poking good fun at the culture, while some dealt with issues and current events such as child trafficking.  The leader of the group, Yacouba Moumouni, was very entertaining with …

Living Water and Broken Cisterns

I think one of the advantages to living in West Africa, in one of the poorest countries of the world, is that it puts you closer to how life must have been in Bible days.  The Bible is a rich, deep book no matter what, but living here brings it to life even more.

Niger is usually one of the last on the United Nation's Human Development Index List.  This list includes a number of things such as access to health care, literacy rate, access to clean drinking water, under-5 mortality rate, life expectancy, etc.  

I was trying to find the official UN statistics on access to clean water in Niger but the internet is so slow and I've already spent too much time on isn't inherently obvious on their site!  My rooting around on the internet indicates that somewhere between 59 and 63% of Niger's population has access to clean drinking water.  If we go with the lower number, that means that 41% of the country's people are drinking dirty water.  Drinking dirty water and n…