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Creative Kids' Play

We live on a shared compound.  There is a family house, then behind that a duplex and we live on one side of the duplex.  There is a wall between the duplex and the family house, but no gate....or at least not one that we keep shut.  And I like it that way.  So, that means that the neighbor kids play in our yard as well as theirs (neither of which is very big!).  And I like it that way.

This week, I've been watching the construction of a building of some sort on the corner near where we park our car.  The neighbor boy has turned a broken clay pot on its side and put some dirt inside.  It has a little fence in front of it and a tree planted to the side (not visible in this picture, but look for it in subsequent ones).  What do you think it is?

A day or two later I went out and more had been added.  Now there was some serious security going on!  There was a steep ramp up to the building, thorns at the bottom of the ramp as well as two thorny bars on a pulley system that can be lifted up and let down.  The building also got a door.  Now what do you think it is?

A few more days go by and the people and animals have moved in!  There is a guard at the bottom.  Horses have moved in to what appears to be a stable.  Soldiers are posted on top of the stable/clay pot. 

 Out of sight of the picture is a coral with more horses.

I get so much enjoyment from the creative play of kids and don't mind sharing the yard with them at all!

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