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Not Again!

Sunday, August 18 as we drove to and from church we took some pictures of the river and of the CBN compound, in commemoration of the flood that devastated our CBN compound and Sahel Academy as well as the neighborhoods near the river.  We were heard to say something like, "The river is low enough, there's no danger of flooding this year." I even wrote a blog just a week ago comparing last year and this year.
Thursday it rained hard from about 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  John measured 1.7 inches of rain in his rain gauge (I'd like to know what the official measurement was for the day.)  This was a huge storm and so the river received the run-off from a large network of streams and wadis that drain into the Niger River.

Thursday morning the river was 542 cm and by 8:30 p.m. it was 590 cm.  Around 6 p.m. I was still at the office when Jon, our Interim Director, told me that he had just gotten a phone call that the dike north of our riverside properties had been breached.  He …

Five Minute Friday

LAST (with pictures from 2012 and matching pictures from 2013 taken from more or less the same spot)
Last:  adj or adv -- the person or thing after everyone or everything else; the most recent or the one before the present one
Last:  adj or noun/pronoun -- the only one or part that is left

Last:adj -- the most unsuitable, unwanted or unlikely
Last:  v -- to continue to exist

A year ago we had become part of the Niger River.  Flood waters had overcome our two river-side campuses.  The clean-up and emotional processing had just begun.
Last year was a difficult year. No doubt about it. For me personally, I put in a lot of extra hours....and my involvement was just a tiny fraction of the whole effort of clean-up, recovering, and reaching out to those around us.
At this time last year, we were looking at the last of truckloads of stuff being moved off the campus.  We were looking for houses for people and for dorm students as well as buildings to use as school buildings.

I hope it is the last floo…

More about Flood Recovery

This past year both Sahel Academy and our Bible School campuses have undergone major amounts of work.  As you remember, both campuses were flooded, resulting in the need for clean-up and restoration.  As anybody who has done renovations knows, repairs on on thing often reveals the need for repairs on something else.  So the work on the campuses has resulted in not just cleaning walls and replacing damaged furniture, but also in replacing some septic tanks, re-wiring buildings, re-roofing two buildings, and repairing the telephone system.  The dining hall at Sahel Academy was re-roofed, the ceiling raised, the outside stuccoed, and was renamed Hope Hall.  You can see it in the center right of this picture.  

There is still a lot to be done....inside Hope Hall the kitchen is still gutted, the electric isn't working quite right, the sound booth isn't finished.  This house on the Bible school campus is another one that ended up needing extensive work beyond the damage caused by the…

Community and Good-byes

When I was a kid growing up in Nigeria, the highlight of our week was when the mission plane would come in.  It brought mail, supplies, and new missionaries and visitors.  It also took away missionary families who had become like family to us.  It carried us kids back to boarding school; took sick missionaries to better medical care; flew away with missionaries going on home assignment but who would return; and transported missionaries back to their home countries, never to return again.  The plane brought joy and it brought tears.  

Each arrival of the plane was met with anticipation.  When we were home from boarding school or the year that we were home-schooled, our parents would use the plane as the reward.  "If you get your chores done or your school work done, you can go up to the airstrip to see the plane come in."  That was very motivating!  We'd work hard until the plane buzzed the station, then jump on my dad's motorbike or into the station van with him and a…