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Catching My Attention

R*m*dan started this week, so my mind has been on that and many of the links I'm posting here have to do with Isl*m.  

Marilyn, over at CommunicatingAcrossBoundariesBlog, has written an article on engaging with or rejecting our M*sl*m neighbors.  No matter what you think about the religion, get to know M*sl*ms personally.  Just to whet your appetite, Marilyn writes:  Engaging with people over their beliefs does not mean we are watering down our own. How did many of us come to believe that relationships, friendships and listening mean that we are being false to that which we believe? That which we hold precious? So the month of R*m*dan comes around and we have a chance to live out what we want others to live at Christmas. We want others to say“Merry Christmas” – so to your M*slim friends you might say “R*m*dan Kareem” or “R*m*dan Mubarak”. Or better still, ask them – ask them what to say. Ask them what R*m*dan means and what traditions accompany this time of fasting. And ask yourself the question: Will you engage during Ramadan or reject?

A pastor we know in Niger has shared that what won him to Christ was the love of a family while he was in the US who got to know him, loved him, and showed their love for each other and for Jesus in front of him.

 Christianity Today, in the June 2013 issue wrote this:
85% -- M*sl*m converts who cited "the love of Christians" as a major factor that drew them to Christianity.
60% -- Those who said this was the "exclusive factor".
30% -- Those who sited "disappointment with Isl*m" as a major factor.
25% -- Those who cited "dreams and visions" as a major factor.
Please see also BiblicalMissiology for the full article from which CT derived these statistics.

30DaysofPrayer offers a great booklet for helping you pray for M*sl*ms during the month of R*m*dan.  You can either download a booklet or check the website every day.  They also have a facebook page.

And speaking of Niger....
This series of blogs is written by a doctoral student doing research on women with fistula.  I highly recommend that you read every one of her entries at Sai Hankuri.

Samaritan's Purse also works in Niger and is raising funds to help a village, not only with food for the present, but also in providing clean water, teaching them better farming methods, and giving them the means to grow gardens for the dry months.  Don't miss this video and I hope many of you will contribute to this!